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The Mom Vs. Dad Rap Battle

#belt hurts #The Christmas Mom Rap #Old Belt Road #The Grandpa Rap #Comedy
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Kyle Exum photo 1 The Mom Vs. Dad Rap... Kyle Exum photo 2 The Mom Vs. Dad Rap... Kyle Exum photo 3 The Mom Vs. Dad Rap... Kyle Exum photo 4 The Mom Vs. Dad Rap...

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by Kyle Exum 6 months ago

Man started betting with himself over who would win a rap battle between himself 😂😂😂

by The Blue Pineapple Phoenix 6 months ago

When you realize Kyle made an entire career arguing with himself

by Ghxst Ak1ll 2 months ago

"yet your hairline looking like the great recession" mom went straight savage mode

by Anthony Alsop 2 months ago

fork: is in sink
Mom: so you’ve chosen death

by Ruxian 2 months ago

"i got two thicc--- books i'm boutta read!"
Kyle Exum 2019

by Eletrikk 1 month ago

Mom: "your hairline's looking like the great recession"
Me: "you have the same hair"

by Caleb E 6 months ago

"I got two thicc BOOKS I'm about to read " 🤣🤣🤣

by Ishraaq Anis 1 month ago

Lets just all appreciate how he talks to himself in-front of a camera just for our enjoyment :,)

by Jana Elfakih 2 weeks ago

"Your hairline lookin' like the great recession" 😂😂😂

by B e a n i e B o o 1 month ago

Teacher talking about Kyle’s grades: They shall not pass!!!

by Doobity Dobity 2 weeks ago

Just how the younger kid gets away and makes a mess with the popcorn and his older bro gets in trouble 🤣

by Patrick Truitt 3 weeks ago

Mom: if I find my phone, you’ll get some wooping!

Dad: so you remember to play your games but not to throw out the trash?

by MR.potato :P 2 months ago

If me and my husband got divorced, i would make sure we remembered this.

by Victoria Mcmillian 1 month ago

Next is grandpa vs grandma rap

Like to see ( it has to happen )

Edit: 1.8k likes! You guys are amazing. Let’s get top comment!

by MrDrewKing 6 months ago

Kyle's dad: puts plastic fork in the sink
Kyle's mom: ima bout to end this whole man's career

by NyAsia Cuffy 2 months ago

lol that's me whenever I see my brother get in trouble after being mean

by Leila Elli 2 months ago


Absolutely nobody:

Dad: puts plastic fork in sink to clean

by Herronoob Wok 2 weeks ago

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