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The Older vs. Younger Sibling Rap Battle

#The Younger vs. Older Brother Rap Battle #The Younger vs. Older Sibling Rap Battle #Apple coming up with future products be like #The Mom vs. Dad Rap Battle #Comedy
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Kyle Exum photo 1 The Older vs. Younger Sibling... Kyle Exum photo 2 The Older vs. Younger Sibling... Kyle Exum photo 3 The Older vs. Younger Sibling... Kyle Exum photo 4 The Older vs. Younger Sibling...

Hope y'all enjoyed the video! Now the real question: Who had the better verse?

by Kyle Exum 3 months ago

When you realize Kyle is good at rapping he can rap battle himself and still win

by Sibix360 Zungu 2 weeks ago

“you’re hairlines gonna recede from all that cap”

thus, a legend was born

by sensei voki 2 weeks ago

its mad how his mom summons the belt like thor's hammer

by STS 1 month ago


Like this so Kyle can see!!

by Sunflower Daya 3 months ago

No mother:

My mom: magically has the force with a belt

by LinkzLogic 2 weeks ago

“It was Nile, Should’ve known it was the middle child” 😂😂😂

Don’t worry Nile, I can relate 😔

by Music  ń g ê l 1 month ago

“The History of Vine”
“Social Media Studies”
“Dealing with annoying siblings”

by xhlcus88 2 weeks ago

"A single tear can end your whole career" Damn thats insane

by Lotanna Okechukwu 3 weeks ago

"I brought ya'll in this world, now who I'm take you right out?"
She doesn't even need the infinity gauntlet

by Spinjitzu Master Falcon 1 week ago

"Shoulda known it was the middle child, come ere "

Ah that was amazing

by YourSuperior Pikachu 3 weeks ago

“Should’ve known it was the middle child”

I mean, you’re not wrong. That’s how life be though

by Potato Salad 1 week ago

"You ain't big and bad you a tellytubbie"
Bro just called him 9 feet

by kj bb 2 weeks ago

“Should’ve known it was the middle child”
Yup that’s my life

by Isaac Vanden Bos 3 months ago

If Tommy is "the second chance" like he said then how is nyle the middle child

by Kor'DaeShawn Giles 1 week ago

It was Nile should have known it was the middle child

I'm a middle child this happens

by Nathan Bailey 1 week ago

Everyone: enjoying the rap

Me: trying to pause at the right time to see his grades

by BANANA Invasion 1 week ago

So he’s dissing himself😂🤣😆

by MaRcUs HaYeS 1 month ago

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