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Trap 3 Little Pigs

#Trap Nursery Rhymes #Apple Be Like #Kyle Exum Raps #Old belt road #Comedy
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Kyle Exum photo 1 Trap 3 Little Pigs Kyle Exum photo 2 Trap 3 Little Pigs Kyle Exum photo 3 Trap 3 Little Pigs Kyle Exum photo 4 Trap 3 Little Pigs

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by Kyle Exum 10 months ago

Who is better ?


Comment =LIL PUMP

by Rich Uzi Live 10 months ago

Me watching 10 months later: That's a lot of views

by Psycho Stuff 2 weeks ago

this is actually fire, didnโ€™t know 3 little pigs could even get lit

by Olivia Walker 1 week ago

I canโ€™t believe he has a career of talking to himself lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Gaming With JDoge 2 weeks ago

Kyle is a real one, heโ€™s still liking comments 10 months later

by insert name 1 week ago

Some kid gonna memorize this and rap it to the whole school for 2nd graders or something.

by AAOV 10 months ago

I can't be the only one who replayed this like if you did

by Aarya Darien 2 weeks ago


by ใ€ŽBoku.noheroใ€ 2 weeks ago

10 months later and I still just want a trap goldilocks and the three bears.

by Jamazoid 1 week ago

Did anyone else realize the book the mom was reading is titled โ€œBelt-Kwon-Doโ€

by Willow Collymore 1 week ago

Bruh this song is ๐Ÿ”ฅ This has to get #1 trending

Like to activate

by Bushiratu Mumuni 10 months ago

Youโ€™re not the only one watching this in quarantine.

by Mike Bloomberg 1 week ago

Man, I understand why the little bro said: "Again!"
Awesome vid man!

by Ahmed Arif 2 weeks ago

This is the only book I would ever read

by Zachary Green 2 weeks ago

Just wait till everyone starts sing this at their school talent show or something

by Gemma Roy 1 week ago

Who else likes how creative Kyle is
He remixed 3 little pigs

by den den 10 months ago

Random third grader coming up on stage for his class talent show

Everyone rolls their eyes

This beat comes on

a grin appears on everyone's faces

And boom, that kid went on to be the most popular kid in his grade

by Gemma Roy 1 week ago

This is the one book that I would actually read

by Talya Markaj 2 weeks ago

Three little pigs: exist
Kyle: you would sound better if you were trap

by Perry Hembree 2 weeks ago

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