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When Our Generation Gets Old And Hears a Throwback Song 2

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Kyle Exum photo 1 When Our Generation Gets Old... Kyle Exum photo 2 When Our Generation Gets Old... Kyle Exum photo 3 When Our Generation Gets Old... Kyle Exum photo 4 When Our Generation Gets Old...

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by Kyle Exum 5 months ago

The crazy thing is this actually isn't a joke one day this is going to happen to all of us

by Donta Roberts 5 months ago

"What was so hard you went through grandpa." Me: CoRonAvIrUs

by Tetsuchi 2 months ago

Y’all remember when AirPod pros were a flex?

Ya, I got toilet paper now 😎

by O A L 2 months ago

Oh my god, we're all gonna sound literally insane in 60 years, he's right

by Eli R 5 months ago

Ima embarrass my kids with:
-ReSpEcT tHe DrIp KaReN"
-No cap
-The whip
-The woah
-CoRoNa ViRuS hAhAhA
-ItS aN aVaCoDo ThAnKs
-Xxx tentacion songs
-Saying 'For Kobe'
-Saying 'dawg'
-the box
- iPhone 11
-Keeping a lot of toilet paper

by Doggo Smells 1 week ago

My great great grandpa: I fought in World War 1

My great grandpa: I fought in World War 2

Me:I mAdE mEmEs AbOuT tHe CoRoNaViRuS

by Shelley Crayon 4 2 months ago

I like how whenever the grandkid hears a cuss word he's like SHOOK

by unicorngirl2001 2 weeks ago

"But on the bright side it can float." sees fishing line

by Sandi Fuste 1 month ago

Our generation will be the most laughed at ever.

by Chris28TheGreat 3 months ago

Not a single living organism:
Kyle: Straight up fire piano playing

by Eli J. 2 weeks ago

"Is that an iPhone 11 pro?" "Hahaha" "the iphone 80 is out"

by Lindsey Nowell 3 weeks ago

What was so hard that y'all went through, grandpa?
Me: the corona virus.

by Sans The skeleton 2 months ago

“Virtual reality Legos”
So, you mean minecraft?

by Type Masters 5 months ago

Everyone watching this be like:

We be weird

by Octo 2 weeks ago

Our generation is gonna look like morons and crazy people cause of all this stuff

by Pasha Khan 2 weeks ago

Kyle: “but on the bright side it can float”

Apple: “take notes”

by Riley Your friend 1 week ago

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