when our generation gets old and hears a throwback song

kyle-exum photo 1 when our generation gets old... kyle-exum photo 2 when our generation gets old... kyle-exum photo 3 when our generation gets old... kyle-exum photo 4 when our generation gets old...

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by Kyle Exum 11 months ago

“AirDrop me 50% Battery,” lm like Dafuq???

by Samuel Fisher 11 months ago

“Our generation is the best”

-Said every generation ever

by Mani 2 months ago

Who else is watching the throwback series in 2020 quarantine

Edit: thank u guys for so many likes! 😄😄😄

by Clapatron 2 weeks ago

never knew how many curse words were spoken in these songs till he bleeped them out lol

by Nelson Telemaco 2 weeks ago

I refuse to believe there will be a day where the following are not iconic:
"Hi, welcome to chillies."


"Look at all those chickens"

"It is Wednesday my dudes... AAAAAAHHHHHHH"

"Hey my name is Trey I have a basketball game tomorrow"

"A potato flew around my room before you came- AAAAAHHHHHHHHH"

by Panic Panda 9994 3 months ago

Hearing him explain what our generation looks like out loud it makes us sound crazy.......

by Krazy K!!!! 10 months ago

Kyle: airdrop me 50% battery
Employees at apple: write this down

by LuXe Chavez 1 week ago

History test out there be like: "What animal were they referring to when they said 'Look at all these chickens?' define your answer with the written vine."

by JV Kooks 3 months ago

1920: in 100 years from now we're going to have flying cars

2020: haha look at this

by Shehroz Randomthings 3 months ago

Grandchild: "I don't wanna go to the Earth beaches! Martian sand is better."
Me: "Back in my day, we didn't get to pick and choose our planets! You get what you get and you don't get upset."
Child: "How about we compromise and head to our local Moon instead?"
Me: "Ugh, it's way too crowded there. Ah, but it reminds me of when some people thought the Moon landing was a hoax..." nostalgia
Grandchild: "What the heck? There's literally a museum built around the first flag planted there. We went to it for a school field trip!"
Me: deep exhale "Back then, we couldn't just go to space when we felt like it."

by Jonquil Gemstone 3 months ago

Who’s watching throwback series backwards.

by Xavier Tuheke 6 days ago

said “I remember when Sir Savage the 21st was spitting bars”

by Jay Scrilla 3 months ago

when your legs don’t work like they used to before

by Luis Valarezo 3 months ago

“Screaming skittle named six nine you used to listen to”🤣😂

by EManuel Anguiano 2 weeks ago

When grandpa said “when you forget your headphones in your computer n get up” i felt that 😭😭😭😭

by Alley Ricketts 11 months ago

I feel like “older than google” is going to be an insult

by Amitai Zur 3 months ago

Grandkid: let me guess when you were a kid, it was the good old days

Me: (thinking back on 2020) Hell no

by TigerWolfDemon 1 week ago

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