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Whooping On My Mind (Murder On My Mind Parody)

#Kyle #Starbucks Be Like #Murder on my Mind #The Teacher Rap #Comedy
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by Kyle Exum 10 months ago

"To whoop or not to whoop. That is the question."

-William Spankspeare

by Yoyo Han 10 months ago

When you realize Kyle’s mom is so smart that she doesn’t whoop Kyle on camera

by Smug Pugs 4 months ago

Little brother: drops glass plate right in front of mom
Mom: * prepares to whip big brother*

by Snickerdoodle Gamer 5 months ago

To this day we still haven’t seen Kyle’s real parents.

by Awais Syal 5 months ago

This is how many people already watched trap 3 little pigs

by •Alicia & Alisa• 5 months ago

Kyles mum reads: Spankspeare: To whoop or not to whoop
Kyle enters
* brings out the belt*
Kyle mum: I choose to whoop

by Hawa Mwenye 10 months ago

Kyle: listens to his mom and cleans
His mom: places a piece of something on floor
Also his mom: WHATS THIS

by cookiefarmer 4 months ago

Kyle: "I'm hungry."
Dad: "Hi, Hungry. I'm Dad."
Me: "Did your dad really just bust out a dad joke?"

by Vidgealz C. Valvatore 4 months ago

What it’s like to fail recess
Me: What friends?
Teacher: You’ve failed recess. F-
what it’s like to fail lunch
Teacher: So I see your not in the lunch line, huh?
Me: Yeah, for once I’m not hungry.
Teacher: F- I’ll make sure to send an email to your parents slowly walks away

by Creationator 2 months ago

Title: Spankspeare: To Whoop Or Not To Whoop

The only 3 words in the book: whoop your children

by Shammi Akther 4 months ago

Kyle: blinks
His mom: So you have chosen death

by Relja 7 months ago

Kyle's Mom: Blink once if you don't want a whoopin'.
Blink twice if you want one.

Kyle:*blinks once*
Kyle's Mom: Okay, I'll leave.
Kyle:*sighs in relief* blinks again
Kyle's Mom: Oh, so you changed your mind. pulls out belt
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by Gamer G-MoneyTV 2 months ago

"I didn't mean to whoop he caught be surprised "


by son goku 2 months ago

Literally no one:
Kyle’s Mom: why didn’t you sweep the ceilings ?!?!

by RadRoxy AwesomE 5 months ago

Did you all realize one of his chores was to remind his mom of her whooping appointment

by Expert Gamer 5 months ago

Are we gonna ignore the fact that Kyle can actually sing

by TDGHenry Artiga 10 months ago

Nobody at all:
Not even a single soul:

by Gaming 1090 5 months ago

Kyle: gets an F
Also Kyle: makes the F into an A+

by Hailing Glitter 3 weeks ago

This is how many times Kyle got hit with a belt


by Expert Gamer 5 months ago

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