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Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY Challenge!

#fortnite battle royale #lachlan #battle royal #season x #Gaming
Today we only take loot from sharks and try to win Fortnite!
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#new season #lachy #laclan #lacy #duos #season 10 #fortnite #lachlan lachy fortnite battle royale pubg battlegrounds #epic games

Lachlan photo 1 Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY... Lachlan photo 2 Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY... Lachlan photo 3 Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY... Lachlan photo 4 Fortnite But Shark Loot ONLY...

For anyone asking how my famas went from a grey to a green, I upgraded it... Code Lachy

by Lachlan 5 hours ago

lachy: gets shot and is annoyed
lachy: starts to swear, then realises he's not allowed to swear
lachy: for-fu, dangit dude

by Oisin Foster 5 hours ago

“Alright let’s get a better AR!”

Sharks: did you say grey burst?

by Bammed Out 5 hours ago

I love how lachy said what!!!! When he got beamed in the air instead of being petty and saying Controller controller 😡 Much respect to Lachlan ✊

by Assault Velo 4 hours ago


by amtul kareem 4 hours ago

I love the way he says captain America at the start while selling out

by Sikandar Ahmad 5 hours ago

Lachlan: “it’s hard.”
Me: “that’s what she said.”

by RTF 3 hours ago

Lachlan: delegates by making henchmen kill shark
Also Lachlan: that was exhausting!

by MrMythical 4 hours ago

Lachy says to a MONKEY: "you little rat" 😂

by Teddy Dzogbewu 5 hours ago

Only OGs will remember when Lachlan’s name was lachydachy

by BAAZE DAYS 5 hours ago

real ones were here when the title was “Loot Sharks ONLY Challenge”

by Carson Jabaay 4 hours ago

"We have these adorable sharky outfits"

Shows only female version

Male version: Cries in a corner

by Omega Red 5 hours ago

he had a green instead of a grey burst and he even said shark four he got 3 grey bursts no green

by Albie Thomson 3 hours ago

Lachy: gets beamed
stunned silence
10 seconds later: WhAtTttTTtt

by CHARLIE EXCLUSIVE 4 hours ago

PPL LOOK Lachlan footage of being weird I feel hard

by DJGalxy 5 hours ago

Lachlan: Wait sharks can jump back into the WaTeR.
Me: there sharks they need to breath Water

by CHARLIE EXCLUSIVE 4 hours ago

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