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Highlights FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid (0-0)

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Clásico ends scoreless for the first time in 17 years and FC Barcelona and Real Madrid remain level on points atop of LaLiga #BarçaRealMadrid #ElClásico. LaLiga Santander 2019/2020
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i think this the first classico where both teams have been nice to each other

by YT TOXIC 6 months ago

Madrid has been preparing life without CR7. Now it is time for Barcelona to prepare life without Messi.

by Ronald Ambatoho 6 months ago

we are pretty satisfied with our valverde........

by robin rickles 6 months ago

The shirt pulling should have been a penalty, the ref didn’t check var

by Damon Tan 6 months ago

2x fouls on Varane in pen. Box and not even Ref or VAR notice what a joke 😂
La Lona is real.

by Apex Alpha 6 months ago

That boy valverde is scary ! He has a bright future. Overall great performance from real.

by Shot Creators 6 months ago

Damn Pique and Ramos was insane they saved both teams

by Geoviero R.K 6 months ago

Bale always gets denied

by Vince __ 6 months ago

Thibaut Courtois and Sergio Ramos

by Risky Raditya 6 months ago

Zidane has really improved RM since taking over, couldn’t even believe they were the away side. Hala Madrid

by K R 6 months ago

Can’t lie Madrid should’ve had that pen

by K D 6 months ago

Barcelona: Valverde out!! Terrible manager
Real Madrid: Our Valverde is amazing!!

by Zesty 6 months ago

Finally Madrid has a found a LB!!!
Also valverde is gonna be a key player for Madrid for the next years

by Luis Castillo 6 months ago

Breaking news! Portugal football player was caught in Italy flying.

by emme nishimwe 6 months ago

el clasico was never the same after cr7 left :(((

by Clinton Pham 6 months ago

the El Classico I know doesn’t end in hugs and kisses.

by Bryson Frank 6 months ago

It was a great match but because the score is 0-0 people claimed it was boring

by Jon Lothbrok 6 months ago

Where to start.....

First off congrats to both teams on such a entertaining game.

Let's be honest the result was fair , even though Madrid should feel like they could have had a few penalties....Varane was fouled numerous times in the box.

Both teams played with respect , apart from Rakitic....He was very lucky not to be sent off.

Courtois , had a great game and is finally proving his worth.

Carvajal brilliant with his marauding runs , if Hakimi comes back to the club it will be a great to see them compete for this position.

Varane + Ramos.....name a better combination go on......I'm waiting.

Mendy , has great pace and is always available , but final pass let's him down , not on Marcelo level yet.

Kroos , was cool as always.

Casemiro , reminded me a lot of makelele this game.

Valverde , who needs pogba????

Isco back in form , extremely dangerous makes chances out of nothing.

Bale....His pace is going , but he is still a great player , very intelligent and grabbed this chance with both hands.

Benzema , what more can we say ? He sacrificed a lot for CR7's gain , this is the REAL Benzema.

by Because I'm BATMAN! 6 months ago

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