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Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture - Music Video | REVIEW

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Lil Baby always been fire, but songs like this are what separate good rappers and great rappers.

by Big Daddy Mark 2 weeks ago

We cant just act like u aint wearing a Maruchan noodles shirt my guy

by joey 2 weeks ago

Stop editing out your reaction. There are bars we want to see y’all react to then when it get close you just skip bout 30 seconds of the song like THATS why we come here to SEE YOUR REACTION

by Just Nike 2 weeks ago

Lol, SOOO CLOSE! You were trying to INSINUATE the word INCINERATE.

by DScaggs123 2 weeks ago

Wishing for a hero dissection is a must ‼️

by Derrick Rose 2 weeks ago

Yall still never dropped the costa rica reaction from the revenge of the dreamers 3 album

by Allison Moss 2 weeks ago

Everything might seem so divided but I really hope we can just actually become united. After all this is The United States so we need to all grow up and be United and stop looking differently towards each other. God bless and I hope “We the people” come out on top of this.

by TitleShots 2 weeks ago

I’ve never been a Lil Baby fan, I realize he can make some bangers but he never really did anything special in my opinion. I respect the hell out of this song though, one of my favorites on the year

by Mike Silverii 2 weeks ago

“Walking in the snow” by Run The Jewels! I’m telling you. 🔥🔥🔥

by Mike Zarka 2 weeks ago

Yo I paid y’all over a month ago for a promo and you said it would be a couple days. And now you can’t even reply to my emails or DMs asking for an update.

by Johnny Oxbow 2 weeks ago

This song is fire 🔥 and meaningful too. Lil Baby one of the 🐐’s.

by Mikey Mike 2 weeks ago

Crazy that we see this but whole time ain’t get a reaction to Polo g wishing for hero🤦🏾‍♂️the album in general 🔥🤦🏾‍♂️

by Sha Dawg 2 weeks ago

we both rocking the walmart maruchan instant lunch shirts😂🥵🥵

by John Tokes 2 weeks ago

Y'all two are some handsome, funny, and just overall beautiful black men..
Yesss.. stay blessed.

by TheFucktard Reloaded 2 weeks ago

Please react to black by Dave . It’s a strong woke song by one of the best uk rappers 🇬🇧 like so that they see this

by 1carti X 2 weeks ago

They’re gonna make a black mirror episode about 2020 one day lmao smh. Love the song.

by ivy layne 2 weeks ago

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