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Ramble On (2007 Remaster)

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Ramble On (2007 Remaster) ยท Led Zeppelin
โ„— 2007 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.
Engineer: Eddie Kramer
Guitar, Producer: Jimmy Page
Drums: John Bonham
Remastering Engineer: John Davis
Bass Guitar: John Paul Jones
Vocals: Robert Plant
Writer: Jimmy Page
Writer: Robert Plant
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Led Zeppelin - Topic photo 1 Ramble On (2007 Remaster) Led Zeppelin - Topic photo 2 Ramble On (2007 Remaster) Led Zeppelin - Topic photo 3 Ramble On (2007 Remaster) Led Zeppelin - Topic photo 4 Ramble On (2007 Remaster)

Go to bed at a normal time? Nah, I'm listening to Led Zeppelin

by Idaho 2 years ago

People who clicked dislike must have been confused and thought it said "Dis I Like"
Because this song rules hands down

by Vicki 3 years ago

Best bass line ever....smooth, rolling and mesmerizing.. JPJ is a genius

by MS Erisman 2 years ago

There needs to be a keep calm and ramble on shirt.

by Eliza Ethanol 2 years ago

Best part about Zeppelin is the fact that every member of the group is entirely essential.

by King Fartquad 3 months ago

Dedicated to my grandpa. I love you dearly. I miss you by the minute. You will always be in my heart.

by Justin Time 2 years ago

if your not a zeppelin fan........listen to one song,anyone and you will be a zeppelin fan for life..............

by Lauren Macinnis 3 years ago

Dean Winchester's favorite song!

Also I should learn this on bass...

by Lilly Haas 2 years ago

We have survived all these decades and still FEEL this magic rock and roll by Zeppelin

by thederbycitygirl 4 months ago

Sounds like Bonham was clapping cheeks during the soft parts

by PkmariO64 5 months ago

Today I just realized how infuential LZ was, you can hear in their music: Metallica, Guns n Roses, Queen and a lot of bands from 80s and 90s.

by Les Paul 2 weeks ago

The greatest rock n roll band of all time without any doubt!

by Gw Mcklintock 3 years ago

Everyone: Man, such a good song. The music just, wow, so powerful

John Bonham: furiously shwacks on mysterious objects for 2/3 the song

by Josiah Meece 3 months ago

A few moments before Grandpa died, he said those words, "It's time to ramble on". When he past'd I played this song and gave a toast to dear old gramps ๐Ÿป

by Tristan Burton 2 months ago

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