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BTS Stay Gold Lyrics (방탄소년단/防弾少年団 Stay Gold 日本語字幕 가사) [Color Coded Lyrics/Kan/Rom/Eng]

#방탄 스테이골드 #스테이 골드 #防弾少年団 Stay Gold 日本語字幕 #防弾少年団 #Music
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Artist: BTS (방탄소년단)
Track: Stay Gold
Album: Map Of The Soul 7 : THE JOURNEY
Release : 2020.07.15
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Stay Gold
BTS Stay Gold
방탄소년단 Stay Gold
방탄소년단 Stay Gold 가사
방탄소년단 Stay Gold Lyrics
BTS Stay Gold 가사
BTS Stay Gold MV
BTS Stay Gold 뮤비
Stay Gold lyrics
Stay Gold 가사
방탄 Stay Gold
Stay Gold 가사
방탄 Stay Gold 가사
스테이 골드
스테이 골드 가사
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방탄소년단 스테이 골드 가사
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bts 스테이 골드 lyrics
bts 스테이 골드 가사
bts Stay Gold karaoke
bts Stay Gold instrumental
bts Stay Gold inst
스테이 골드 노래방
스테이 골드 뮤비
BTS Stay Gold lyrics
防弾少年団 Stay Gold 歌詞
Stay Gold 歌詞
防弾少年団 Stay Gold 日本語字幕
防弾少年団 Stay Gold
Stay Gold 日本語字幕
BTS Stay Gold 歌詞
BTS Stay Gold 日本語字幕
방탄소년단 스테이 골드 한국어 가사
스테이 골드 한국어
스테이 골드 한국어 번역
stay gold trans
#BTS #防弾少年団 #StayGold #스테이골드 #방탄소년단 #日本語字幕 #歌詞

#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS Stay Gold 歌詞 #stay gold lyrics #스테이 골드 가사 #防弾少年団 Stay Gold #bts stay gold lyrics #Stay Gold 日本語字幕 #방탄소년단 스테이 골드 가사 #bts stay gold #stay gold #Stay Gold 歌詞

Lemoring photo 1 BTS Stay Gold Lyrics (방탄소년단/防弾少年団... Lemoring photo 2 BTS Stay Gold Lyrics (방탄소년단/防弾少年団... Lemoring photo 3 BTS Stay Gold Lyrics (방탄소년단/防弾少年団... Lemoring photo 4 BTS Stay Gold Lyrics (방탄소년단/防弾少年団...

eveyone: talking about Jin's
golden voice

Jin: Stay Gold

Thank You guysssss...this my first time getting this amount of like...
(143 guys...)

by khuki kuma 5 days ago


Not even a single soul:

Not even RM's lost airpods:


by Unicorn Girl_Plays 2 days ago

Those dislikes are from people who had bad wifi/internet

by Typical Kpop Stan 2 days ago

Jin literally slayed his part why can't he have more lines? He is robbed.

by moona 2 days ago

why isn't anyone talking bout how hobi literally is kinda singing, and how his voice is so fUCKIN BEAUTIFUL.

by vh0ping 3 days ago

it is a fact that seokjin just SHINES in their japanese songs

by soop 2 days ago

These “wHy is nO oNe taLkIng aBoUt” comments are so annoying...

by P e a c h e s 1 day ago

The comments "JIN OWNS THE SONG"

by M SJ 2 days ago

No words!!! Jin’s highnotes is no joke!!! He can easily hit those insanely high notes! His killing me with my with his techniques and voice gold quality🤧

by Panther x Panther 2 days ago

No one:
Literslly no one:
Not even jungkook imitating the old man:

BTS: making our quarantine better

by shooky min 5 days ago

Song : Japanese
Artist: Korean
Jin: I’ll steal your heart
Me: yes
Hotel: Trivago

by Lacey Machado 2 days ago

"Is it a plane?"
"Is it a bird?"
"Is it flying Jungkook?"


It's my wig.
Their VOICES are so freaking beAUTIFUL i-

by Bunny Do 2 days ago

Jin: “I’ll steal your heart”
Me: “you already did🥴”

by Jhenise Caldejon 2 days ago

No one:

Literally no one:

The comments : "The comments: Why is no one talking about-"

by Hᴜᴇɴɪɴɢ Kᴀɪ 21 hours ago

%90 of the comments talks about JIN.

While JIN in his room: hehehehehe

by Suga Bts1993 5 days ago

I’m finding more recently that Hobi is singing more. We stan

by CaN’T yOu SeE mE 2 days ago

No one:

Not even delusional shippers:

Kim SeokJin the God of vocals: STAY GOLDDD

by _у09нυя1 14 hours ago

BTS : "I'll steal your heart"
ARMY'S : Ya kinda did thats in 2013...

by Sophia Hu 2 days ago

Jin: I'll steal your heart

Army: TOO LATE FOR THAT windshield wiper laugh ensues

by Elizabeth LaPlante 23 hours ago

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