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I found what Jeffree Star was hiding... | An exposé

#funny #tea #jeffree star and james charles #Jeffree Star Merch Girl Exposes Dahvie Vanity Crime And Jeffree / William Control Tour Secrets #Howto & Style
DISCLAIMER- Some viewers may find the contents of this video triggering or disturbing. All information in this video was based/found on public sources across the internet. This video is not made to defame or slander Jeffree Star, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, or any others mentioned. It is merely a small project of investigative journalism. (I had to say that so bitches don't sue me ❤)
Anyways chile, what are y'all having for dinner?
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Liam McEvoy photo 1 I found what Jeffree Star... Liam McEvoy photo 2 I found what Jeffree Star... Liam McEvoy photo 3 I found what Jeffree Star... Liam McEvoy photo 4 I found what Jeffree Star...

hey guys, its me (but in disguise hehehe). I've put together a virtual dossier of various images/videos you guys have found on the blog post-upload. Please message me if you find anything else on the blog! This is what it currently contains...
Dossier (Google drive)-
~Figure 1: Jeffree quoting and empathizing with Ad*lf H*tlers use of the sw**tika.
~Figure 2-3: Various message pop-ups found when using a certain link on the blog.
~Figure 4: A screen recording of how to get the previously reference messages to appear...
~Figure 5: Jeffree posting the same picture used in one of the ads.
~Figure 6: The photographer confirmed the photos are Jeffree. Not Yuki.
~Figure 7: A screenshot from the "prom night" music video, where the lipstick n*zi poster is hung on the wall.

by Bob Cumswell 2 weeks ago

weird how this video never got reccomended to me even though i watch a bunch of content like this and i've also watched liam's channel before

by D'Angelo Wallace 1 week ago

You know it’s serious buisness when you have the receipts printed

by Wolfy Pancakes 5 days ago

I’m disgusted and horrified that this is not more popular on Twitter. I commented the link on every post of his this link. It deserves more attention

by Katy Cutie 1 week ago

Ooo girl, you called him the Donald Trump of Makeup omgosh YESSs

by Anna Nimity 1 week ago

y'all better give Liam the recognition he deserves after this video.

by ιмαиє ೃೕೂ 2 weeks ago

This is why I like Jenna Marbles. Periodt

by Levi Thompson 1 week ago

It’s surprising that this stuff has been going on with Jeffree Starr and nobody has ever talked about it that much. You are one of the only people who I’ve noticed who had brought this information to attention and tell everyone the truth.

by Reva Clay 1 week ago

You are so classy and elegant in the way you look, talk and express yourself

by Stain 1 week ago

jeffree be talking bout everyones elses drama but his own

by Nidhi Shetty 6 days ago

Dude be careful, this seems big and disturbingly scary, stay safe

by Anderson Benitez 2 weeks ago

I had a friend who was actually friends with Jefree back in the Myspace days and I know for a fact that the only way they knew each other was from partying and doing drugs and alcohol.

by Jessica Groberg 4 days ago

He’s a narcissist that’s why he lies so much and is manipulative

by tahani. fbaby 4 days ago

He tried to bring down James’s innocence by calling him a predator when he himself supports a child rapist, which is a lot worse!

by Anessa Kelie 5 days ago

Omg this so funny it’s like he was drinking 2 mins ago than came back 5 mins later to say hey guyS I don’t drink Alcohol it so bad,,, lol com on

by Marry Wilson 1 day ago

He’s literally blocking everyone who mentions this on his twitter lmaoo

by Karyna Gutierrez 1 week ago

I- This needs WAY more attention. I just found out about this today bc of tiktok. This needs to get on twitter. THIS IS SOLID EVIDENCE!!!!Thank you Liam!

by Curly Steph 6 days ago

Look into the emo scene of that time, literally everyone was a edgy creep screaming for attention and internet points, the more crazy the better. The whole emo scene glamorized depression and self harm, every artist AND fan has been doing it during that time. Look into any emo popstar from that time and you will find the same shit. You were too young but this was the scene, i'm not saying it's good or anything. People just kept enabling each other to do crazier and crazier shit, back then there was no accountability, this is the reason why 20 year old shit is always dug up from every artist.

by Peter O' Landon 1 week ago

No wonder Shane didn’t upload the drama episode of the series🤦🏼‍♀️ he had no receipts... uggghh

by Caedance Elyse 1 week ago

Jeffree has always wanted one thing- fame. People like that will do anything for it. Never been a fan of his, never will be. He has always given off the worst vibes imo & I’ll never forget how ratchet he was in his early days/ still is even with all his designer 💩. Love your sheer shawl, great vid.

by Jen Smiles 1 day ago

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