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Audition Tapes - The Office cast

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Watch and enjoy the various actors who successfully...and unsuccessfully auditioned for roles on the hit show The Office (US).
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I literally cannot picture anybody as Dwight other than Rainn Wilson

by Doc Roid 1 year ago

Ok but Rainn Wilson was MADE for Dwight’s role...no one stood a chance.

by gisele h. 1 year ago

I think Creed doesn't have an audition clip because he's just his normal self

by Kent Henly 11 months ago

Omg so Jim could have been Asian THE WHOLE TIME.

by rockingreject 1 year ago

Give it up to for the casting of Jan. The actress was unbelievably impressive and convincing. Such a strong, smart presence.

by Dince91 11 months ago

Oh god, if Seth was Dwight the show would've been awful lmao

by Woz The Scott 1 year ago

When Angela was auditioning she was for Pam and then they ended up creating a extra roll for her so she could be in along with Jenna Fischer

by Deer Army 11 months ago

FACT: Rainn Wilson killed that interview.
Creed didn't audition. I imagine he just showed up and nobody knew he was there

by macharia kibandi 2 months ago

FACTS: Phyllis Smith was actually a casting associate during this interwiew, so they were reading the scripts with her in the room, but she was so good that they gave her a role in the show as an actress

by Jake Peralta 7 months ago

FACT : John Krasinki was actually a waiter at a restaurant before The Office.

by Kristi ! 10 months ago

Man Seth Rogan would’ve been the worst possible Dwight

by samdiego 10 months ago

When the actual cast comes on it was like they were literally made for those roles

by Sophia E 10 months ago


by myka 1 week ago

When you’re seeing all the people who auditioned and you’re just like “yeah no”

by Stephanie __ 1 year ago

They thought creed was acting. He wasn’t

by Ji Guo 10 months ago

So many familiar faces, and they went with the lesser knowns. Really shows the wisdom of the show's creators. Unless they were ALL the same level of relative-unknown back then, which...well, that makes me feel old.

by MelancoliaI 11 months ago

Fun Fact: Oscar was almost 47 at the start of the show, and the show ended when he was 54. That means he is only 1 YEAR younger than Stanley.

Man does not look his age.

by Connor Jones 2 weeks ago

I love Seth Rogan, but god he would of been awful playing as Dwight.

by RGkong 4 months ago

that is Jim though? You never noticed his race?

by crictonites 11 months ago

Steve Carell is like "This is gonna be the easiest millions of dollars I ever made"

by Purpled 10 months ago

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