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Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture - Music Video

The Bigger Picture - Song And Video Out Now!!.
#blacklivesmatter #thebiggerpicture

Lil Baby Official 4PF photo 1 Lil Baby - The Bigger... Lil Baby Official 4PF photo 2 Lil Baby - The Bigger... Lil Baby Official 4PF photo 3 Lil Baby - The Bigger... Lil Baby Official 4PF photo 4 Lil Baby - The Bigger...

This song just put Lil Baby in a different league

by Bille 3 weeks ago

“Life can’t be fair huh.god got us here for a reason to make this world a better place

by TheLightningKing Gamer 1 day ago

This song should be playing during the protest

by Megan Greer 1 day ago

who ever disliked wtf, like this song is a message your basically being racist man its crazy how people can be like that

by Night Snipezz 1 day ago

There's only one race
Not black
Not white
Not mixed


by Coolstyle KayReed 1 day ago

“When YouTube don’t wanna put LilBaby on trending”

by Prod. shx 3 weeks ago

I love this dude he's know blm but also knows all cops aren't bad and not all white share blacks it's just the bad apples in the world. I'm here for u guys the hate against anyone who is different needs to stop

by Landon Williams 1 day ago

“Every colored person ain’t dumb and every white person ain’t racist” 💯💯 ✊🏿

by Moley Burdue 14 hours ago

”it’s bigger than black and white“

by Elixe 1 day ago

The fact the 30k people disliked this is actually disgusting 😭😭

by Explosive Implosion 1 day ago

The fact that this song and 6ix9ine’s new song were released at almost exactly the same time and Baby only has 2.4 million views to 6ix9ine’s 63 million is insane. I guess people like clowns and twerking over someone giving a powerful message about the world’s injustices smh

by Federico Fk 2 weeks ago

Almost cried over this "lil baby has leveled up to the rap historys legend"

by Nacari Zaki 1 day ago

This should be the most powerful song not only of 2020, but of OUR whole lives! Q

by Bailey Fiedler 1 day ago

Whoever disliked this you might need to see a doctor

by GoatPlayzG 1 day ago

im only 11 and I'm black I shouldn't have to go to this none of us should

by XAVIER LOTT 1 day ago

“Every color person ain’t dumb and every white person ain’t racist, I be judging by the mind and heart I’m not really into faces” lil baby really talking 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

by Freshprinceofny119 _ 3 weeks ago

I am indian brown boy and we all are with you🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

by Neeraj Pant 1 day ago

This song is fire who ever dislikes is definitely a karen my mom listen to the song I listen to the song my brother listen to the song and my grandma only if all rappers did songs like this

by Keisha Maragh 1 day ago

Lil baby the only rapper who has been speaking facts about our world he owns 2020

by DaQuans Family 1 day ago

Bro, im a white boy and after listening this song i support all the black humans who protest for justice🖤

by Rense Post 20 hours ago

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