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Lil Durk - 3 Headed Goat feat. Lil Baby & Polo G (Official Audio)

Lil Durk photo 1 Lil Durk - 3 Headed... Lil Durk photo 2 Lil Durk - 3 Headed... Lil Durk photo 3 Lil Durk - 3 Headed... Lil Durk photo 4 Lil Durk - 3 Headed...

drop a 🐐 if u rdy

by Lil Durk 4 weeks ago

I came for Lil baby and left wanting to hear more of polo g 😤‼️

by Sxpreme Huncho. 3 weeks ago

polo g snap on feats like he dont gotta make his own songs 🥴🥴

by DaryusTheGreat 3 weeks ago

Someone who liked this will be a millionare in the future

by Obey Purpose 4 weeks ago

This is what should be played when u doin a Heist in GTA V

by ツUsman 3 weeks ago

Durk has really evolved as an artist.

by Power100 2 weeks ago

This baby’s and polo g song Durk kinda went hard tho

by Dwight Schrute 1 day ago

Polo G didn’t have to snap that hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Firesquad 77 4 weeks ago

Polo g still slept on it’s crazy he’s bodied his first he is so good he will be one of the best out soon

by Derek Belfiore 3 weeks ago

Polo G so hard they named a whole sport and Brand after him

by Saiki K. 2 weeks ago

Nobody: Youtube: Lets take the comments and put them somewhere else

by bssni touir 3 weeks ago

Somebody actually went harder than Lil Baby this time 😱

by PraiseTrain Rizz 2 weeks ago

I edited my comment so you wouldn't why I got the likes.

by Plan mar 4 weeks ago

“Different color bands like this is monopoly”

by Slap-stick Tv 3 weeks ago

“Ima get this steal like chris paul”😬🥱

by Fruity Zrxv 2 weeks ago

"That's like suicide if you play with us Got a better chance at the lottery." 🔥🔥🔥

by Joanna 2 weeks ago

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