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Lil Skies - Riot [Official Music Video]

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Lil Skies - Riot.
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Waynesboro, PA does not come to mind when you think of contributions to hip-hop, but Kimetrius “Lil Skies” Foose hopes to be that boundless rose to spring forth from the concrete.
#LilSkies #Riot

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Let’s be honest Skies has never really made a bad song

by Mr Pee Pee 3 weeks ago

Lil Skies: “it’s that real riot shit” People in Minnesota: “facts”

by Tyson Foose 6 days ago

This song makes me wanna start a riot and loot my Target

by IcyJourneyGamer 1 week ago

This hits harder for long time lil skies fans, lil skies lokey underated

by Jackie russell 2 weeks ago

claim your 'here before tiktok steals it' card

by Duje Nejasmic 3 weeks ago

This man really predicted the future! Riots is happening Fr fr

by ExclusiveTran 38 1 week ago

honestly if tiktok takes anymore of his songs- i will cry.

by itsyaboieva69 3 days ago

bruh this guy predicted minnesota, im dead

by Greg P 1 week ago

Imagine of cole bennet directed this it would get 100 mill views

by Mar-D 2 weeks ago

Minneapolis took this song too serious...

by Resk 361 1 week ago

This song has a whole new meaning in june.

by Yung Fetus 3 days ago

it's funny how riots started after this video was released

by TimmyIsBoss 3 days ago

This song makes me wanna victimize thousands of innocent people, and call it systematic racism!

by La Sombra Del LoBo 2 days ago

One Random person who likes this will be come a millionaire.

by Hepsontbg 1 week ago

Wish u made a lyrical lemonade vid for this

by Shay McKenna 2 weeks ago

we need to protect skies at all costs

by DawID 3 weeks ago

He had insider tips like CEO's before Coronavirus. Somethin fishy going on here..

by SupaRush 2 days ago

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