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This Video Card Costs Over $5000

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by Linus Tech Tips 3 months ago

I love how Linus talks recommending stuff, as if most of us here were really considering between dual Titans or a Quadro.

by KuronoXD 3 months ago

card was so expensive, he needed 2 sponsors

by Marco 2 months ago

When a GPU is more expensive that every computer you ever bought, combined.

by A.G 27-X 1 month ago

Me when I get that graphics card: immediately lights 500,000 pieces of TNT in Minecraft.

by f364 2 months ago

Linus, 20 years later: "Reacting to my old videos"
Linus: "Remember when this bad boy cost $5500? It can't even play the latest GTA on lowest settings now..."

by Incognito 1 month ago

Thieves eyeing up Linus Media Studio.

‘Write that down’
‘Write that down’

by Bob Brown 3 months ago

The n in nvidia stands for: Negitive balance in my bank account

by Number D 2 months ago

who else just watches his videos knowing that you cant afford any of his stuff

by Roan Downing 1 month ago

Linus: here's a really expensive graphics card meant for professional industries involving the use of live rendering technologies

Me: Game on it

by Near Zero Sarcasm 1 month ago

"This video card costs over $5000. That's right, we're doing a budget build!"

by Fatty 3 months ago

Kids 20 years later: Look at those suckers, they paid 55000$ and now you can get it for 100$(or even worthless).

by Radu MC 2 months ago

Roses are Red
I love blue Ice
When linus introduces a sponsor
I tap the right twice

by Oscar Hudson 1 month ago

the “where to buy” popping up in the corner like normal people can afford this card is corny

by Cute Bridge 3 months ago

Every PC channel guy: $5000, yeah that's a decent card.

by Be gone Waifu 2 months ago

It doesn't even have VGA output. Hard pass.

by TheMrminimario 3 months ago

I’d finally be able to play crysis over 30fps

by ButterCCM 2 months ago

Linus: "it has got a whopping 300 watt tdp"
Gtx 480: "Pathetic"

by Duschverbot 1 month ago

Linus : my friend died ... Speaking of death here's a quick word from our sponsor

by E.M 1 month ago

We use these in our datacenter for VMware vGPU and vApps. You can split this card into several vGPUs for hosted cloud tenants. You cannot do that with a regular RTX card.

by Timothy Yaussi 2 months ago

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