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This weird thing made my phone faster...

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Linus Tech Tips photo 1 This weird thing made my... Linus Tech Tips photo 2 This weird thing made my... Linus Tech Tips photo 3 This weird thing made my... Linus Tech Tips photo 4 This weird thing made my...

Linus: "I don't have a convenient way to take a fan out or put one in" .....Proof that Linus did retire and this is just deepfake.

by dumpsterdawg 4 months ago

"And this little cooler it also have a blue LED."
Mobile gamers: *Gorilla noises*

by Mini tomate 4 months ago

QUICK KNOWLEDGE :FLIR-Forward Looking Infra Red

by Saravanan K 2 months ago

"As long as you don't mind looking like an idiot"

Mate if you're gaming on a phone, that ship has sailed...

by Mico 4 months ago

"heat doesnt magically get sucked in another dimension..." HILARIOUS

by LAGRIFFE ENZO 4 months ago

Linus waving around 2 smartphones, with his track record, gives me anxiety

by Coolermonkey 4 months ago

Only real pros has watched the video when was named โ€œThis ugly thing actually worksโ€

by Burgi0 4 months ago

โ€œLearn how this man used this one weird trick to cool his phone!(AC companies hate him)โ€

by Mystical Apple 4 months ago

All S10 series processor is in the left side of phone, you must put the grey silicon pad of this cooling fan on the left side for better result.

by Amin Besharat 2 months ago

When he said peltier cooler I had a flashback to overclocking my Celeron 300A past 450mhz

by qopoy dnon 4 months ago

"We got a Drop guys!"
me : Wait, That's what you always do!

by tebas NineOne 4 months ago

Video: We're going to use a TEC
Me: RIP battery life
Linus: Dirty secret. They are extremely inefficient

Edit: Oh good, they didn't even attempt to try to sell people on just using their phone to power it.

by The End 4 months ago

Dropping your phone in your face while using it in bed will be even more painful!

by TheMrminimario 4 months ago

That drop ctrl keyboard has a windows 7 start logo key
Just saying

by Chinmay Kabi 4 months ago

I set my phone on a large aluminum plate when gaming for heat dissipation...

You know those aluminum plate used the defrost food.

by alan connelly 3 months ago

That moment when he says it's hot ๐Ÿคฃ and the lgv20 is like nah fam that's my normal heat welcome to hell

by Rozay 4 months ago

So this is the reason my phone battery is dropping like crazy when itโ€™s cold outside

by Emil POV 1 week ago

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