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Coldplay / Richard Ashcroft - Bittersweet Symphony (Live 8 2005)

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Coldplay and Richard Ashcroft performing at Live 8 in London's Hyde Park on the 2nd July, 2005. Organised by Sir Bob Geldof and The Band Aid Trust to raise money to fight poverty around the world, the event was viewed by around 2 billion people.
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Live 8 photo 1 Coldplay / Richard Ashcroft -... Live 8 photo 2 Coldplay / Richard Ashcroft -... Live 8 photo 3 Coldplay / Richard Ashcroft -... Live 8 photo 4 Coldplay / Richard Ashcroft -...

Thats some good ass video quality for 2005

by Big Boi God 1 year ago

Perfect quarantine music. 2020 and still is a classic!

by szantai123 2 months ago

Algun latino ama esta música ? en 2020
Como yo 🎶♥️

by Metrópolis Juanky 6 months ago

Algún latino presente que escucha este clásico en este 2020 like music the bets

by Jonny Armas 3 months ago

Chris playing the piano and doing the chores. What a humble man. That's why he's so successful. The class of an English man

by HelloJelen 4 weeks ago

He’s right. One of the best songs ever written.

by Kato's World 1 month ago

Genuinely one of the greatest songs ever written.

Richard Ashcroft is biblical.

by World of OSTs 1 week ago

Richard Ashcroft looks exactly the same as when this song came out

by Anita Gomez 4 months ago

All day, all day...waiting for coronavirus to comedown and be done with it... Cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life....YEAH we will survive! My best friend Wife (Maria) DIED... a bittersweet symphony! He will be strong and move forward and take care of the kids.

by Rogue Persuez 1 month ago

I feel free now...

by OGCCW 1 month ago

Indeed one of the best songs ever written!!!

by Anja Gros 1 year ago

Chris Martin, always paying respect to other musicians & ready to play the supporting role, that's top class... I'd be honored if some 90s fans would take a quick listen to my acoustic piano & vocal performances of BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY by the Verve, HIGH & DRY by Radiohead, and VIRTUAL INSANITY by Jamiroquai in tribute to 3 of the most forward-thinking 90s bands from the UK. Live acoustic with no autotune or digital editing. Peace out and stay safe.

by Will Ritter 1 month ago

Todos disfrutando el momento, sin celulares, sólo disfrutando 😎 tiempos que ya nunca volverán 🥺

by Gissela Montenegro 1 month ago

Richard Ashscroft is one of the best live singers
Is it weird I want this played at my funeral, when it’s my time.
Indeed one of the best songs ever written!!!

by Lelah Hayes 3 months ago

my god its 2020 and i still have goosebumps like im still in that year! being in lockdown makes u appreciate these talents way more ! <3

by Boombastic Evans 1 month ago

1. Live Forever
2. Imagine
3. Bohemian Rhapsody
4. Yesterday
5. Bitter Sweet Symphony

by biblical 7 months ago

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