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all of the weird/high thoughts you have at night... thumbs up if your greatest ideas are at night or on the toilet like me lol. thanks for watching babes and get weird with me on my other social medias below!.
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Thank you, my little thots! lol
Love, Liza

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Liza Koshy photo 1 high or DEEP, LATE NIGHT... Liza Koshy photo 2 high or DEEP, LATE NIGHT... Liza Koshy photo 3 high or DEEP, LATE NIGHT... Liza Koshy photo 4 high or DEEP, LATE NIGHT...

“The word imperfect literally spells:
-Liza koshy.❤️

by Abraham Jacob 6 months ago

Am I the only one that says "Yeah" with her in the intro..?

by lol. 6 months ago

If coconut oil is made of coconuts and vegetable oil is made out of vegetables then what is baby oil made of? 🤯

Ok. Now I’m worried

EDIT: wow tysm for all the likes and replies ❤️❤️❤️

by Mandy C 1 year ago

This just made me rethink my whole life😂

by Ruby James 1 year ago

A few years later.....

Liza, introducing her baby: Everyone this is my baby. Her name is AAAAAAAH Koshy.

by lil umi 4 months ago

Thank you, Liza.

Now I know how to make cereal. 🙏

by tash 1 year ago

why do secret agents always wear suits? Wouldn't it be easier to run around and fight crime in sweatpants?!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She is soo right

by Py Hardkale 1 year ago

What if life is a dream,

And when we die,


by Harry Potter 11 months ago

If you punch yourself in the face and it hurts....

are you strong? Or weak?

by glorinex 1 year ago

I got one.
When you get the "battery is low" warning, our phones are telling us they're tired.

by Hailie Brook 11 months ago

i really want grilled cheese rn

this isn’t some kind of joke i’m just hungry

by Nolan Dolan 6 months ago

When you think about it, blush is the conjugation of blood rush
And that's what happens when you blush

Edit: Slang is the conjugation of short language.
And that's What. It. Is

by nothingbut GayShips 1 year ago

Here's two for you!
1: If we can do hand stands then when we stand on our feet then why is it not called foot stands?
2: (I don't know if this is rasict but yeah) If there's black and white people in the world then why are there no gray people?

by Twenty One Crackheads 11 months ago

Have you ever realized that One Direction went their different directions?

by Camryn Smith 1 year ago

"They tell you not to do drugs, in HIGHschool"
Said by Liza Koshy
One of my favorite videos of your channel other than everthing else. 😊

by Ğamer Gøbble 7 months ago

Me every time I see a baby and it’s parents: thinks how the baby was made-

by SunniPlays 6 months ago

I think this is better than Shane Dawson’s 2 hour conspiracy theories. Liza’s are better in 4 minutes😂😂

by CxC Xo 8 months ago

"Pickel" is literally the German word for "Pimple" which you have when u are a teenager omggg hahahaah

by Khadijah H 1 year ago

Don't ice cubes basically swim around in pools of their own blood?

Edit: Damn 1.8k likes and 37 comments I feel famous
Thx guys I feel worthy of existing now XD

by F i g u r a t i v e l y 1 year ago

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