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I am sorry.

Liza Koshy photo 1 I am sorry. Liza Koshy photo 2 I am sorry. Liza Koshy photo 3 I am sorry. Liza Koshy photo 4 I am sorry.

It's not about her being racist or not, she isn't. It's about someone with her influence making racial jokes. Some fans will try copy her to get some cheap laughs and don't realize how some young asians have to deal with those jokes everyday.

by nightfoz 9 hours ago

People, this is the person who says "I wanna be an inchworm" when she's down, instead of crying. Liza is a strong woman and she's quite mature to apologise for her mistakes. So don't get too offended in the comment section.

by Jimin is My life 8 hours ago

I don't think anyone is trying to cancel Liza she's just acknowledging a mistake she did in the past.

by Whitney Austins 9 hours ago

Did anybody else have a mini heart attack when reading “Consider this my resignation...” before reading the rest of the sentence

by Beans Beans 7 hours ago

Bro I’m Mexican and I wasn’t offended by Carlos... That character was my favorite on this channel...
And I’m sad that she deleted all his videos bro

by Faith Alcaraz 6 hours ago

A lot of people don’t understand what happend, the incident where she is talking about, is het eating Japanese food video. In that video she and David mock the Japanese language. I see a lot of people saying: “i’m black and I don’t mind”, but this incident is about Asians and a lot of them have talked about how it is kinda offensive. A lot of other people also say that Liza isn’t racist. But you need to realise that you can be super anti-racist and still say something hurtful. It happens. Making mistakes isn’t a hugh problem as long as you realise that it was a mistake and learn from it. And this is execly what Liza did and why I love her so much!!!

by 1 Subscriber Before 2021 4 hours ago

really stupid how THIS is trending but her video about black voices being heard and the whole money actually getting donated to blm wasn’t

by pansy 4 hours ago

“Impact outweighs intent” is a concept more people should be familiar with. It’s such a mature way of understanding how actions can cause harm despite being justified in your mind and I really hope more people can use that concept throughout their lives.

by Ivy 5 hours ago

I love that she took a stand and accountability without anyone having to tell her. I personally never saw her form of comedy offensive but if the apology was in her heart, bless her. I don't think the internet would have even looked to point a finger at her considering she has always been a strong advocate for all people of color from what I've seen. Either way, thank you Liza🥰

by xxGEMINIxx 3 hours ago

I like how she actually says sorry unlike other people like she doesn’t really defend herself in this but Ik she isn’t racist ❤️

by Sophia Allard 3 hours ago

I don’t think it’s our place to forgive her that’s for the race that is offended. Please take that in mind because of course you forgive her. It wasn’t an attack towards you.

I will not argue with people in the comments who disagree.

by Lee Ellison 4 hours ago

I never was offended by any of her jokes but respect how she addressed the situation without being a butthead like some other YouTubers. Love You, Liza!

by Lore&Literature 7 hours ago

It's baffling how most of the comments are from non-asian people saying they forgive her or against it. Let the Asians speak out more on this matter instead of setting ur decision.

by Lalalisa 4 hours ago

This is why I like Liza. She doesn't fake cry in front of a camera begging for forgiveness.

by Miaplier 1 hour ago

Liza is probably one of the sweetest people on YouTube, she doesn't mean to offend anyone.

by yasmin 8 hours ago

I feel like some are missing the point. No one is saying you can’t make jokes anymore, you are allowed to do so. But when you have a platform (especially as big as hers and David’s) you have a job to INFLUENCE. That’s literally what they are called. You can make jokes, but when you’re making them so openly in a large audience knowing you have a HUGE influence, this will hurt others no matter what. To put it in perspective: Liza can go off and tell an Asian joke to one of her friends (even if they’re Asian) and it be a-okay, b/c it’s private and obviously a joke. But if she tells the same Asian joke on camera, there’s WAYYY less of a chance that everyone will be okay with the joke, and since ppl look up to her, others will make the same jokes with a less positive intent. This is what she’s apologizing for.

by K C 3 hours ago

When someone makes a joke about my race, I take it as a joke. The problem is when the joke is used over and over again. Everyday or every week by diffrent people I meet. When your a celebrity and you make these joke you influence other people whether you want to or not. After that they start making the jokes too. They think because this celebrity did it I can too. That's the problem

by Mobile Gamer 8 hours ago

if your just gonna say "im -------- and i dont mind.."
JUST SHUT UP it doesn't help
the point is there are people who DID get hurt or offended and this is Liza's way of saying sorry, not taking a survey to see who got offended or not

by rtyrtyy gyhh 7 hours ago

Im Asian and I know how disturbing it is that David is mocking a Filipino and Japanese language im filipino and that hurt us. I accept the fact that she really apologized for what she did she isn't a RACIST . She is my idol . But I hope that David has a respond in to rhis situation Racism isn't cool

by jaydel serene ganeb 7 hours ago

"People are always looking for a way to be offended"
-Less Brown

by Mene Mc 3 hours ago

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