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I live, breathe, eat, give birth at Target. I'm in love, and not ashamed. Thanks for watching babes! Thumbs up for spending my income at Target?! Check out my other social medias below!
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Thank you, big spenders!
Love, Liza

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Liza Koshy photo 1 I BOUGHT THE STORE. TARGET... Liza Koshy photo 2 I BOUGHT THE STORE. TARGET... Liza Koshy photo 3 I BOUGHT THE STORE. TARGET... Liza Koshy photo 4 I BOUGHT THE STORE. TARGET...

Those soap jokes were so clean

by Findley 3 years ago

Liza: goes in target and records without getting kicked out

Mr Beast: goes in and immediately gets kicked out

Mr Beast: I see there is a favorite here...

by rosemaryspark 9 months ago

Dollar store and Target: Exist
Liza: Its Free Real Estate

by jack butler 1 year ago

Jake Paul: spends money on a mansion and tons of cars
Liza: spends money on soap at target

by Hunkules 7 months ago

Not a soul:
Not anyone:
Liza Koshy: licks the target sign on a basket

by XxX HogwartsgurlXxX 6 months ago

I love how David just walks in there ;w; and he's like " what th- nvm it's just Liza - w -"

by Waffle-Chan ÙWÚ 11 months ago

Alarm Starts Playing

Target Employee: Here we go again.

by Anthony Verow 6 months ago

Other People: Why is she so weird
Me: She's perfect
Other People: You ok
Me: Where has she been all my life

by Kitty_ ChanYT 5 months ago

1.i woke up
2.i go to target
3.i see liza koshy
4.i took a picture with her

The correct number is 2,3,4,1

by Audrey jk 10 months ago

Imagine the security camera guys watching this...

by Lorelei Noir 3 years ago

No one:
Liza:-does ballet dance in target-
David’s mind:........there’s something wrong with my girlfriend...

by gummyxbear 5 months ago

I like to imagine that when liza walked in a store worker was like
"Ohhh no shes back crap well get the best cleaning staff on duty and have them follow her she is a tornado man"

by Korlo can't do anything 6 months ago

Liza: Wow you're fast!
Me: looks at myself I think you got the wrong person

by Cloudy Sky 7 months ago

The security footage of her must be...interesting..

by Walmart.Merida 1 year ago

everything I miss them so much they were so cute together (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

by nora sejdijaj 1 year ago

Me: Passing by

Liza: * Licking the target sign*

by Sugar Cookie 10 months ago

four years later and to this day i still say:
unloading groceries
mom: just come back again
me: tWo TrIpS aRe FoR lOoSeRs

by amelia brown 6 months ago

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