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Stay in drugs, don't do school. DO THE SCHOOL, DO IT! NO DRUGS. Thanks for watching! Don't eat glue, it's overrated. Check out my other social medias down below!.
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Thank you, my educated kiddos!
Love, Liza

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Liza Koshy photo 1 I EAT GLUE! BACK TO... Liza Koshy photo 2 I EAT GLUE! BACK TO... Liza Koshy photo 3 I EAT GLUE! BACK TO... Liza Koshy photo 4 I EAT GLUE! BACK TO...

Who is watching lizza’s old videos because their bored in quarantine??

by Hibba Farah 1 month ago

liza: because it’s 2016

me: *laughs in 2020*

by d1rkvoid 5 months ago

I usually hate really long intros

But Liza’s is literally gold.

by Lennyandshelly 5 months ago


Not a single soul:

Liza: TwErKiN iN tHe MiDdLe Of TaRgEt

by Hxney_bunn _ 5 months ago

Am I the only one who hates school, but likes the school supplies?

Like if you do too 😁

by Masuma Noori 2 months ago

is it just me, but who misses the old liza where she would post funny content now all she does is her youtube premium show it makes me sad i miss helga and jet :(

by pineapple peepz 6 months ago

"Dont eat glue its overrated"

And this has been a Ted Talk by liza koshy

by cinnamon _cakes1 1 month ago

Nobody :

Liza: I tried to dress like a little girl going to school but I look like a British mom dressed his little boy for tea time
Also Liza : tHaNk YoU mOtHeR , hElLo
Me: dies from laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣

by Lucy Collier 1 month ago

All those dislikes are from brittish karens offended because of liza's interpretation of them.....

by Vicky 1 month ago

Do people just gloss over the fact that she had a bunny in that one scene?

Edit: like if u saw the bunny 🐰

by Sapphire Citrus 5 months ago

Liza:Lost things go to the lost person
Me:So that’s where my virginity went!

by Marshmallow_Milk XD 2 months ago

Liza:*in 2016* "Most of us are not even in school."
Me: 4 years later "Liza predicted the future."

by mara's tutorials 1 month ago

Does anybody else watch Liza when they are sad?

Yes, I am the only like

by I love Knitting 1 year ago

When she said “It’s 2016” it heat different

by Mg_ Craze 5 months ago

is anyone else watching this in quarantine?

if yes like the comment 💀🌸

by Gisele Fandy 3 weeks ago

petition for liza to post again


by Noelle Woods 1 week ago

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