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TOM JONES - Delilah (1968)

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Top Of The Pops 1968


lmj22 photo 1 TOM JONES - Delilah (1968) lmj22 photo 2 TOM JONES - Delilah (1968) lmj22 photo 3 TOM JONES - Delilah (1968) lmj22 photo 4 TOM JONES - Delilah (1968)

the audience looks like Sims dancing lmao

by Kayon 3 years ago

Muy linda tú voz, peto me quedó con la de mi Elvis, tú amigo, que hoy hubiese tenido 85 años. Que en paz descanse.

by Alejandro Arellano 4 months ago

XX - Female
XY - Male
YYY - Delilah

by Martin 2 years ago

Is the audience listening to a difference song?

by 4Realzeaz 2 years ago

I like how no one seems to know how to dance to this XD

by Andy Soriano 3 years ago

I can't express how much I love this song. Maybe my age, maybe his voice. Really I don't know. It's one of the songs of my life. I really miss that times.

by Julián Martín 3 years ago

My sister's and I went to see him in concert in the 70's at Fair Park in Dallas, TX. It was fabulous. His voice was incredible. Women were throwing their panties onstage lol!

by ApplePie 1 day ago

Tom Jones, Don Juan encore aujourd hui. YOUTUBE MYSTERIOUS RELIC.

by Sylvain Bérubé 6 months ago

im actually just 10 years old, but i love this bc hearing it from our radio!

by dis smol person 10 months ago

I crack up watching these kids trying adapt their dance styles to a 3/4 beat... Had they never been taught a waltz before? Funny as hell...

by Marla Singer 3 years ago

Хит на все времена!!! И прекрасное исполнение!

by гг вп 2 months ago

💕🌷😪 Á neste vidio o 💕 Tom Nems tá o alje da sua belesa ..💋

by Maria Diva 1 year ago

В СССР эта песня была очень популярна

by Ирина 9 months ago

"...she's only gone and had his Weetabix!"

by Tom Knott 1 year ago

Wot a legend and talent,,,his voice as to be the best this century,,,,

by Todd Cooper 1 month ago

When Elvis says he wished he could sing like Tom Jones, that shows how great this man is, strongest voice ever

by hinge berr 4 months ago

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