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TOM JONES - I Who Have Nothing (1974)

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Tom Jones live - "I Who Have Nothing" (1974)

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I never seen any male singer with so much testosterone in his voice. Viva Tom!

by tinaine1 8 years ago

Who's still watching and listening in 2020..legendary

by Ashana Charles 4 months ago

Good old days when singers could sing with beautiful words and beautiful voices, great, Sir Tom Jones

by goharik jones 1 year ago

His voice comes from the stars and delivers the energy of the Universe ! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Sir Tom Jones!

by bibicall01 8 years ago

What an incredible voice. Unbelievable song and performance. Sheer charisma.

by Rod Main 1 year ago

Tom Jones rocks and no one, no one can come near him. He is in a class, and a classy class, of his own. He is awesome, then and now.

by Shelly Dixson 7 years ago

I LOVE Tom Jones and was, beyond captivated, by him as a teenager in the lat 60's and 70's. So was my mother. He was an incredibly sexy, powerful vocalist with his own weekly TV show, that we NEVER missed. I loved his dancing, too.

by Sharon Messina 10 years ago

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by k1daL 3 months ago

Holy crap his voice is on steriods !!!!!

by Michshnly 9 years ago

Tom Jones can impregnate women with the sound of his voice!

by david hoskins 2 years ago

Still watching 2019 ??
Like 👍

by Myeen Lozano 10 months ago

This bloke is a legend, what a voice, just brilliant

by Keri ann Andrews 4 months ago

Amazing voice no doubt

by Surfonic 9 years ago

One of the greatest singers ever. His voice was powerful and sexy. No wonder girls threw their knickers at him on stage.

by Paul Fletcher 1 year ago

Tom with his fro had some soul. Later he would say that he was heavily influenced by soul and blues music and artist.

by Sterling Rock 1 month ago

That time Tom Jones put on a woman's ruffly blouse and looked more masculine & sexy than goodholyWOW.

by Terri See 1 year ago

The great Tome Jones! A one of a kind! Soon all of the great vocalist will be gone! A tragedy for the world!

by Robert Burchett 2 years ago

LEGENDARY!! going to see him for the second time, i'll be the only alone 30something male there i bet!!!!! Tom is not even in my music genre, but my mom played him over and over and over and over as i grew up, he is the original mack daddy!!!

by ACELLOFAWARENESS 11 years ago

Even Elvis used to call him "The Voice'"...& deservedly so.

by VEGANSAM 7 years ago

You hear his records and u hear his voice live .. it's the same .. coz back then they got no technology like today to correct your voice during recording

by Fuad Abdul Latif 1 year ago

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