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Ian McKeever Interview: Mystery to the Viewer

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“I am trying to take the sense of speed out of the visual world of looking.” Interview with renowned British artist, Ian McKeever..
Slowing down in a world where “everything is changing all the time” is of the essence to McKeever, who never takes credit for finishing his paintings: “They finish themselves”, he says. A painting can easily sit for a couple of months to a year in the studio before it is once again taken out and recommenced. This sense of timeless flow, McKeever feels, seems to free the paintings from any specific moment or period in time..
Leaving room for the mystery to grow on the viewer by drawing them in only to push them back out again is also at the core of McKeever’s beautiful and suggestive paintings. The sense of mystery is what forms the attraction, and the obvious is of little interest, as he says: “I think there are enough tables and chairs and people in the world already, I don’t see why we all have to paint them as well.”
Ian McKeever (b.1946) is a British artist based in Dorset, England. He is a Visiting Professor in Painting at the Faculty of Art and Architecture at the University of Brighton. Between 2006-2011 he was Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy School of Arts, London. Among his solo exhibitions are ‘Hours of Darkness and Hours of Light’ and ‘Twelve-Standing and Three’.
Ian McKeever was interviewed by Kasper Bech Dyg at Horsens Art Museum, Denmark in 2014..
Camera: Ole Udengaard.
Edited by Kasper Bech Dyg.
Produced by Kasper Bech Dyg, 2014.
Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
Supported by Nordea-fonden

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one of the best explanations I have heard so far of what one is creating..

by Hilal Tekin 3 years ago

I just googled more of his works, >>> OMG such beautiful art!!! I am impressed and in love here.

by x x 1 year ago

I've always loved his work and now I understand why, everything he said made sense to me.

by Patrick Ford 2 years ago

Love the thinness of the paint.

by rhessex 4 years ago

i think that was absolutely brilliant, poetic and graceful.....spiritual is how i would describe him and his work...

by Mike Dunkle 4 years ago

Great and insightful interview but I beg to differ on his comments on figurative painting. YES other mediums can be used to express this subject, but that latent "time" he discusses in this interview, happens in figurative painting too. Also were you to approach a Titian, or a Sargent macroscopically you will see vast tracts of "abstraction" with the nervous unique and emotional "hand writing" of the artist embedded in it! Photography is not as involved in its plastic manipulation of the material, so it is different to painting but it too has unique and treasured properties. Fantastic interview though and love the work!

by kookyuke 3 years ago

Beautifull thoughts about the abstract and a very interesting focus on painting and the special possibilities of painting to catch the primary experience, the feel, the lifeforce of a moment
and I think that has to do with the feeling of life, and the breath and the multidimensionality of experience

by Lis Engel 4 months ago

This channel is gold, thank you for your amazing work

by Bartek Mendrela 2 years ago

Ian McKeever defending abstract art. Interesting...

by Hen9207 4 years ago

To be able to express your mandate with such clarity and eloquence... what a gift. Very inspiring, even if his work is following a past historical art ethos (abstract expressionism). And as a video, just stunning. Beautifully crafted, Louisiana!

by tonsfocus 1 year ago

A lot to think about .........most of all engaging........

by Bmk Bmk 2 years ago

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