Polo G - 21 (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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Lyrical Lemonade Presents.
Polo G - 21 (Official Music Video)
Directed by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Khaled Rohaim & Keanu Beats
VFX by Scissor Films
Director of Photography - Logan Meis
Steadicam by Renard Cheren
Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino & Krista Worby
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I can proudly say i was here when this had less than a million views.

by HypeDucky 3 weeks ago

Like this if Polo G is better than Lil Pump.

by Joey Roehr 4 days ago

“Can’t relapse off these drugs man RIP TO JUICE , we was tweaking off them perks I pop my last one wit you” 🦾💯

by jason morales 1 week ago

everyone that disliked was crying and accidentally pressed the dislike instead of the like button R.I.P. JUICE WRLD

by sameer_ 30 3 days ago

Who else doesn’t want polos songs to get ruined by tik tok

by Madison Bumgarder 1 week ago

Polo is looking back at his life, when he was a child. He was surrounded by guns and it was a warzone, he was trapped in there like a prison, with death as a cellmate. He knew death, and death knew him. But he left all of that behind.

by Cookyum 2 days ago

Dang like he 21 and he's just getting started, there are still more bangers to come from Polo G

by Dominik Gomez 6 days ago

“Can’t relapse of these drugs man R.I.P to juice” that hit different

by SusKxova 6 days ago

This is basically the ILLUMINATI taking his soul and selling it on eBay for the next victim.

by NextGeneration 1 day ago

Whoever disliked this vid before it even started is just a hater

Edit: Tysm for the likes I’ve never even got over 100 likes on a comment before! :D

by Bossman_Faizan 3 weeks ago

Polo g is just such a lyrical and vibing rapper all in one only person that did that for me was nav and juicewrld

by Jared Sawyer 4 days ago

Imagine how many people are listening to this song with you at the same time

by DarkFierce 4 days ago

This is his past self just tryna catch up to himself nothing more nothing less

by Young Capalot 6 days ago

He basically saying hes the one that's gonna break the curse of "we ain't gettin past 21" hes dodging the bullets like the matrix the main character is neo and if you didnt know people call neo the one which means polo is the one that's going to break the curse

by ll krealify 3 days ago

When Polo G said "They say my last tape was a classic but I got some hotter shi" he wasn't capping

by AyKay-47 2 weeks ago

He’s basically saying that his demon is chasing
after but he trying his hardest to get away

by JaCamron Bray 4 days ago

“Where I’m from they turn death into a contest” goddamn bruh that hit deep polo g has acquired god status

by Gaming Sky 5 days ago

anyone else realize that dude pulled up with a revolver then started busting with a glock

by Lil China 2 days ago

Fact: The song is called 21 since Juice Wrld died at 21 years old. Polo g made another song called 33 and its called 33 since nipsey hussle died at 33 years old

by Susan Tessicini 2 days ago

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