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Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

#Bloody #Boy/Interscope #Records #Alternative #Music
Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
Listen, https://smarturl.it/BloodyValentine
Follow Machine Gun Kelly, https://twitter.com/machinegunkelly
Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

#Bad #Valentine #Gun #Machine #Kelly

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I mean I wasn’t expecting MGK to cause the return of 2000s rock but sure

by Purple Buttchin 2 weeks ago

Is mgk actually bringing mid 2000s pop punk sound back to the mainstream???

by Matt Brattensborg 3 days ago

Bro. Megan fox looks like she did in 2008 transformers. Crazy n hot for life lol

by russian_man69 2 days ago

I’m a simple man, I see Megan Fox and press the like button.

by Parth Joshi 2 weeks ago

This song is about the toxic ex MGK had who never listened to what he said and was abusive to him

by Navneet 1 day ago

i wish megan fox had a chorus part to sing in between mgk’s lyrics that would have been dope

by b w 2 days ago

This song sounds like a +44 and it's giving me wicked high school nostalgia. Let's go smoke a pinner behind the art building before class, then I'll pass you doodles of us fighting zombies and we'll snicker when the teacher takes one expecting a note to read.
Then we'll go hang in your room after school and gush about how hot Megan Fox is and how she's out of our league but we fantasize anyway because high school doesn't last forever but these memories do 💕

by M WG 4 days ago

megan fox's movie called "jennifer's body" that was 10 years ago and she still looks the same?

by ok_iamhere ok_iamhere 3 days ago

This song makes me feel like I'm in a 2000's teen movie

by W H A T E V E R 2 weeks ago

Everything MGK has put out sense this whole quarantine ive gravitated towards just about everything he has put out I love them all and I love his switch up on style almost making his own genre. Love it

by ShѦnkzTV 2 days ago

I feel like Lil Peep could have gone in this direction as well if he was still here. Would have loved to see a collab between the 2.

by Kityn 1 day ago

Oh my god they go so well together its creepy.

by Pro Duced 2 days ago

Is he portraying his abusive relationships through this video?

by Navneet 1 day ago

This is so nostalgic even tho it was released 5 minutes ago

by Alpo Hub 2 weeks ago

This song should could have rock if it would've been in my babysiter is a vampire that would be lit

by Johnny Orlando 2 days ago

I now consider this guy as one of the best artists in this century he's just that good.

by Rockey Mxyzptlk 1 day ago

Does someone know, where to buy Megan's leather jacket?
The singer from bury tomorrow had the same one, 2018, at rock am Ring and since than I'm searching for this jacket 😅

by Dezuyate Zuya 1 day ago

Its these kind of songs that makes me nostalgic. Really good

by ArtLadybyMonica 1 day ago

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