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Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
Listen, https://smarturl.it/BloodyValentine
Follow Machine Gun Kelly, https://twitter.com/machinegunkelly
Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

#Bloody #Alternative #Valentine #Boy/Interscope #Gun

MGKVEVO photo 1 Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody... MGKVEVO photo 2 Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody... MGKVEVO photo 3 Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody... MGKVEVO photo 4 Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody...

I mean I wasn’t expecting MGK to cause the return of 2000s rock but sure

by Purple Buttchin 1 month ago

I haven’t hit replay on a song like THIS, in FOREVER 🙌🙌🙌🤍✌️🌍

by Cindy Sterling 3 days ago

Why does this make me nostalgic but its the first time I'm listening to this song?

by Best Melodic Dubsteps 5 days ago

This sounds like it would be in a 2010 movie about kids getting bullied.

by John Zedrick Taboniar 4 days ago

The Crazy thing is that he's now dating megan fox

by Micah Carpenter 1 day ago

Everyone’s surprised that Megan is still hot... she’s not even that old! 30s isn’t old 🙄

by Jamie M 1 month ago

imagine if pop punk had a second resurgence

by SUBJ3KT 2 days ago

He probably thought his life was over when he woke up and Megan Fox was laying next to him. Probably thought illuminati finally tricked him in

by Mario Cruz 5 days ago

I really hope this means Megan's making a comeback because I miss that era.

by Alice Weber 4 days ago

After hearing this I feel like suddenly watching American Pie.

by Sugar ray 2 days ago

This sounds like a music that would be in a American Pie movie

by Mikolaj Schulz 1 week ago

Megan Fox: i want to be with Machine Gun Kelly
Shia Labeouf: what you're waiting for!!! JUST DO IT!!!!

by Dragun Dilmurat 6 days ago

This video reminds me of PINK’s “PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME”.

by Linda Falkenberg 6 days ago

Since he’s dating Megan fox, maybe this song is about her

by Mike Locascio 5 days ago

Omg this song can bring MTV back!!!!!!! he’s a great rapper but he should just do ROCK. I miss my childhood days

by Adinett Nsabimana 3 days ago

I love how this is someone's mom and someone's dad just jamming out like teenagers.

by Aleesha Khan 4 weeks ago

He looks exactly like the hot rebel badass highschool guy in those school drama anime

by ciri_ riannon 5 days ago

I see Travis Barker must have become his sensei he's done well

by D B 2 days ago

Low key respect this dude for making the music he wants to instead of to fit a narrative / fake persona.

by GravityLee 1 day ago

This man is an inspiration he has dated more 10s than anyone I’ve ever seen

by Tylerdrake11 5 days ago

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