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Is Lionel Messi Even Human? - 15 Times He Did The Impossible - HD

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Lionel Messi did in is career not only in official matches, but also in trainings unbelievable things. Sometimes you wouldn't think, that Messi is even able to do such incredible things - but he makes the impossible possible!
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15 Times Lionel Messi Did The Impossible, - incredible block vs. Sevilla
- header vs. Cristiano Ronaldo
- winning goal vs. Atletico Madrid
- goal from behind the net
- impressive performance vs. Juventus Turin (17 years old)
- one shot two goals
- no dive vs. Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid
- nutmeg vs. a goalkeeper
- dribbling vs. 9 defenders
- dribbling while lying on the ground
- hat-trick in 19 minutes vs. Panama (Copa America 2016)
- long range goal from 60 yards
- chest goal
- dribbling vs. the referee
- solo goal vs. Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final
MagicalMessi - As magical as Messi

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MagicalMessi photo 1 Is Lionel Messi Even Human?... MagicalMessi photo 2 Is Lionel Messi Even Human?... MagicalMessi photo 3 Is Lionel Messi Even Human?... MagicalMessi photo 4 Is Lionel Messi Even Human?...

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by MagicalMessi 9 months ago

The difference between Messi and Ronaldo. When Ronaldo scores you say WOW!, when Messi scores you say HOW!!!!!!

by Glenn Forrester 11 months ago

-Why did you not enjoyed Simeon goal??
-Because I saw Messi warming up


by Daniel S 1 year ago

"Scores a scientifically impossible goal"

Explains it with science

by Ben Craven 11 months ago

Ney jr: god send me to rule this world
Cr7: no it's me
Messi: wait...I didn't send any1

by Praful Yadav 7 months ago

Messi calculated every formulas before hitting the goal scientifically I name him the true genius I request only the true die-hard fans of Messi like this post

by My Gen 5 months ago

Because it’s Messi, I believe it 100%. As per Gerard Pique: “Cristiano is the king of men, Messi is from another world”

by Bryan Oliva 1 month ago

Messi is the reason why i love watching football

by Dannarax 10 months ago

Science: it's impossible

Messi: No it's necessary!

by Md Ibrahim 3 months ago

"Why didn't u celebrate Toress' goal??"
" Because I saw mess I warming up". !

by yehyehitsme 8 months ago

Neymar: scores a hat trick
Me: oh wow neymar has scored a hat trick
Messi: scores a hat trick
Messi doing messi things

by tremendous gaming 1 month ago

Scientifically impossible, no, obviously. Improbable, maybe.

by OmegaProxy 11 months ago

I always watch world cup just to see Messi's goal. He is my lifetime inspiration😭❤. From a big fan of Messi❤

by INFERNO GAMING 4 months ago

Messi - Magical
Ronaldo - Hardworker
Neymar - dancer on the pitch

by Black Humour 1 year ago

I love the piece when Simeone explains why he didn't enjoy Torres's goal: D brilliant

by Lukas ScarFace 5 months ago

Lesson learned:

Always sub on Messi when he is half fit

by Epic Fail 10 months ago

That's how you spell the name of god


by s.u.star07 !! 4 months ago

That was in 2017, two years later still the same if not even better. He's just amazing. The best in the world!!!!

by I'm your daddy!!! 4 months ago

1. I Woke up
2. l went outside
3. l saw Messi
4. l hugged him
5. l cried
The real order is "2,3,4,1,5"

by Prashant Pokiya 1 year ago

He is the best player in the world 🌍🌍🌍❤️❤️

by Krak Chan 9 months ago

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