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[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)

#MAMAMOO #마리아 뮤직비디오 #María #화사 #Music
[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)
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#마리아 뮤비 #Hwa Sa #Maria #마리아 #Maria MV #마마무 #HWASA #화사 마리아

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Hwasa’s catholic name is Maria. This song is literally for her..
She’s so quiet about everything but a lot of her songs are about how she’s been attacked over and over by media and people. How can we protect her?

by 맘진돗개 4 days ago

Theory: this song is about self love and overcoming criticism. At the beginning we can see many people offering lighter to light up her cigarette. It can be interpreted as people trying make her feel good only if she does harm to herself. In the scene with the pool being locked up by the police many people are taking pictures but no one shows up to her funeral like she is an object who was subject of criticism and attention when alive but no one remebers her when she's dead although they were the reason for her death. When she sits up on her death bed she tries to portray the feelings of self love to her past self. It's like even her ghost was sad for how she treated herself listening to people who didn't even care about her. Thus she sings "Maria you're already beautiful" . In the mv she offers her organs to people to eat it up. It shows how tired she is from receiving all the hate and backlash from the knetz just for not fitting their standards. The people covering their face with a red cloth are waiting to eat her up just like how those people on internet hate on idols from hiding behind their computers. The pencils attacking her are the reporters and the press. The crown with nails mean her success came with scars too just like the nails on the crown. And at the scene before the ending where she screams "Maria" she's desperate to let herself know that she's beautiful and loved to stop herself from killing herself. If it were not for her being so strong and her bandmates she would have really ended up dead.

This song is probably hwasa's most personal song. It's heartbreaking to see how korean netizens treat idols who doesn't fit their standard of beauty.

P.s-> this is completely my own opinion and nothing related to any official statement by hwasa or rbw. And yes, most of the knets treated hwasa real badly. Even if you feel offended that's the truth.

by rose 16 hours ago

The cigarrette scene is definetely inspired by the movie Malèna, where a widow is ocstrarized by her community for being beautiful and not conforming to what women were supposed to wear during the war. The scene is sad because it's right after her husband's death and she wants to make herself feels better by making herself pretty- but all she gets is inscrupulous looks, whispers and then, when she's about to light a cigarrette, the sexual attention of men by all of them offering to light it up. All people see is her beauty and not her .

by deadsoon 10 hours ago

I don't know why people are saying that Hwasa is ugly. She has a rare beauty and she is one of the hottest female idols. Stop saying this plz she is a human like us anyways..

by iamroody . 56 years ago 11 hours ago

Solo puro comentario en Ingles v:
Realmente Hwasa es una belleza telentosa, me encanto "María" es simplemente unica y asombrosa
(Las que se llaman maria bien felices :v)

by Jami Cast 15 hours ago

RBW: So how much talent do you want to show in this comeback?
Hwasa: Yes

by Nerissa Wen 5 days ago

She is so underrated ... Charisma and real talent. It is a pity that so many people sleep on her talent.WHY-------------------------------

by A VHBR 17 hours ago

Gosh, I'm not surprised at Hwasa anymore, she really is a hip woman who fits all the songs

by akusuka likesuga 5 hours ago

Desde que vi a Hwasa me enamoré de ella y después de escuchar su voz quedé aún más enamorada, ella es is my queen, mi Diosa. Es tan hermosa, carismática y sexy. Todo este arte que hace es maravilloso, en verdad ella atraviesa a lo más profundo de mi alma, mi corazón brinca de alegría y orgullo por la existencia de esta mujer. Jamás podre explicar el amor y el aprecio que le tengo, la amo y un "la amo" le queda cortito esta Diosa.❤

by Sule 'D. 14 hours ago

What makes Hwasa a QUEEN is not only her voice. Its her personality, her attitudes, her beauty, her message, her hardwork, her dance, everything about her

by stan pentagon 10 hours ago

I feel bad for those people who haven’t discovered MAMAMOO yet

by Wheein Ssi 3 days ago

young girls role models should be Hwasa, she has pure talent, beauty, intelligence & confidence. No hate to charli d’amilo but I actually cant believe that young girls role models is Charli D’amilo, all she really does is use an app that is so toxic & shameful. ANYWAY HWASA QUEENNNN.

by kpoptrashgirl 14 hours ago

i cried when i found out the translation of this song
she is such a strong woman who has learned to love and accept herself as she is and i’m so proud of her
shame on you all who bullied and humiliated her
she is a beautiful and talented human being who deserves nothing but the best in this world

by lee taeyong is god 13 hours ago

This is the first song that I have heard of Hwasa and I want to scream -


by kookie _anime 17 hours ago

My theory for Maria:
The beginning of the song is the death of a good-nature Maria. Notice how the nailed crown was placed next to her body. This could allude to two things:
1. She d-ed trying to 'reach' for the crown. Being the good-nature that she was, perhaps Maria could not withstand the bashes and pains that came at her on her process.
2. She d-ed after wearing it. Again, although achieved the highest status or her ultimate goal as the queen of the thorned crown, her kind nature could not hold onto it.
Either way, the 'original' Maria would not have been able to bear with the obstacles that come with fame and the process of reaching for it. That is why that self passed away. giving up the place for a reborn of an alter ego - Red Maria. The next scene was a reference to the movie Malena. I won't go into detail about the movie but in said scene, Red Maria turned her eyes directly to the camera, with a piercing and questioning look. Perhaps this is her, asking "Is this (what happen at the end of Malena movie) what I have to do to/ my ending too?"; and via what happens next in the MV, her answer is definitely not. This could be her way of denying to bow down to society's expectation and go along with the criticism and prove that no matter what 'self' she is, she will act on her own belief.
[ Dining table scene ]
The Red Maria could be the persona corresponding to how anti view her to be. She is freaky, notorious, serving food that people are of utmostly disgusted to while holding an ignorant, non-serious attitude and never dress appropriately (as people are wearing fancy clothes and 'clean', while Hwasa is covered in blood with messy hair and 'inferior' clothes). Yet again, if you look closely, what she serves was not some shabby dish but jewelry, heart, and brain; meaning that all the music and productions that she releases to the public (jewelry) is the product that she poured her heart, mind, and soul into creating. However, regardless of how people might react, Maria/ Hwasa did not seem to have any intention of serving them anything other than that - she chose to hold onto her sincerity and authenticity.
The 'customers' later seen having a red bag around their heads, could be meaning as in they're blind toward what they are having, unable to recognize how much effort has been taken to make it or what the real form of the food is. They are only ready to get into devouring, then judge and criticize it blindly.
[ Bathe scene ]
This scene could symbolize how Maria reacts to criticism as well. Triangle shape, spiritually speaking, symbolize the union of body, mind, and spirit, While the liquid that poured into this triangle pool is the surrounding's opinions. Black Maria struggled painfully inside it. The criticism became blood, which eventually mixed with her own blood and flesh and thus, she's overwhelmed by it ( the first scene). Unlike that, with the same criticism, Red Maria treated it like toys, something to treat herself and entertain. The blood-colored liquid is replaced with a milky rose bath (a reference to the notorious criticism about her skin tone). Red Maria was comfortable inside the pool, almost like playing around with it. This draws the contrast between how she actually view/react/feel towards the negativities around her and how people think she deals with it.
[ Dancing scene ]
There's a parallel going on between the dance switching, and while the white scene was bright and well-scene, the other was in low lighting, with Hwasa and the dancers almost seen as like shadows. This could be that in Hwasa's perception/mind space, her intention is well cleared (as it is just her performing passionately), but this good intention is not very clearly perceived in other's headspace/ mindset. Instead, her action was seen in a very obscured way, her true authentic skin (clothes) that she expressed and wore was seen as being offensively seductive and 'inappropriate'.
[ Asylum/Hospital scene ]
Notice how this scene and Dining scene is actually in the same background, with the only difference being the light behind shut dark for this one. It could mean that Dark Maria never really gone, but instead residing back, becoming the subconscious one. Her life depends on not only her own heartbeat but the 'hearts' that others give her too. Although she built up the Red Maria to shield her away, she is again awakened, scared, and lost. As may be in how no matter how much Hwasa acted like she doesn't care about the negativities and act strong, she still does. Dark Maria was sitting in the same pose as the dancing scene. This could mean that Hwasa once again defines to us that the real skin (real her) is Dark Maria. That although she is fiercely dancing/ performing, she too - can be hurt and feel scared because of all the criticism and bad-mouthing (the pencils) that are pointing at her.
The reality inside her started to get misshaped (as neat pattern wall is turning distorted), could also mean that the Dark Maria inside is once again losing control of her feelings, unable to manage the anxiety and stress. She was going into the same path again, reaching for the crown despite all the anxiety and instability of her own mind. Reaching for the crown/ wearing it could lead her into the beginning scene again - the made of an alter ego to shield herself.
[ Scissors and conflict scenes ]
Scissors scene is the result of Asylum scene above, as Maria is a the verge of ending herself to once again giving Red Maria control. The dance breaks with multiple switching and continuity could be the symbol of her own inner conflicts, battling herself or maybe transitioning between Black and Red Maria (as the light was switching red and then white). In a way, perhaps she was trying to break away from the old pattern/cycle. This is as in that she is dipping her head into the water (remember that water her is other's criticism, how in its simplified form of clear water, not blood or milk). She is trying to face her fear and problem rather than feeling defeated by it (Dark Maria) or ignore it (Red Maria).
Finally, the truth reveals, Dark Maria and Red Maria are just two sides of the same coin. They are like her outcomes and coping mechanisms when facing negativities from her surrounding. When both sides looked and recognized each other's existence, they slowly merge into one, completed Maria who is ready to face the negativity, with her past experiences (the flashback of previous scenes) to guide her not to make the same mistake again. She no longer has to choose between Vita or Morte (teasers) as in the life of avoidance or the overwhelming death.
[ Funeral and end scene ]
Funeral is like the route 1 ending scene. When there is nobody to help her and the world seemed to turn against her, as in all the chair was facing away from Maria. It dragged her into the same cycle that she might've been suffering on and on and on.
On the other hand, Mamamoo ending scene is like the other ending. As it is like what happened after the scissors scene, the appearance of the other Mamamoo members could be the reason why Maria did not fall into the same cycle. While she was conflicting, the members stepped in; and because their intervention was an external input that interrupted the cycle, it leads to a new ending where both Marias merge into one and ready to face the obstacles ahead. The members not only represent themselves in Hwasa/Maria's journey but could also represent her fans and support that she receives too.
[ Conclusion ]
OK THAT WAS LONG. But I think the entire plot of Maria is Hwasa's struggles with coming true to who she really is, battling external criticism, and love herself. Essentially, it is the accompany and supports of her beloved members, families, and fans as well as herself that guided her through the process. This song serves as a motivation, as well as a reminder of her hardship and how she does not have to be afraid of judgment, as she is already as beautiful as she is.

by Tannie Loakhajorn 11 hours ago

How many international fans here to support Hwa Sa ??? (From Turkey)

by Anime VIP 2 days ago

Who is watching this video and is also called Maria ??¿¿

by Maria 13 hours ago

When I found out the name of this song, I was like “holy shit this is her catholic name”

by lalisabunnies 6 hours ago

How can people hate on this powerful and independent woman? All her confidence went into this music video and I'm proud at her for that.

by ANNA JXKESTER 6 hours ago

God is a woman
Turkish Moomoo

by Özge Naz 14 hours ago

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