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hey guys!!! whos ready for another mystery box unboxing video!!! this time its with my BEST FRIEND miss laura lee! we made each other mystery boxes and omg she got me GOOD... but I got her good too LOL.
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Manny Mua photo 1 I PAID LAURA LEE $500... Manny Mua photo 2 I PAID LAURA LEE $500... Manny Mua photo 3 I PAID LAURA LEE $500... Manny Mua photo 4 I PAID LAURA LEE $500...

Honestly the fact that manny got cancelled for being a “fake friend” but his and Laura’s friendship is the longest running in the beauty community says a lot

by tori nelson 22 hours ago

I feel so dumb for judging manny in the past, he is really funny and chill.

by Emiliana Girafona 1 day ago

Manny: says Laura is illiterate

Also Manny: can’t read a coloring book title

by Westielover2012 23 hours ago

I can’t believe that I let J* manipulate me into thinking Manny was some awful person who deserved to be cancelled. I’m sorry I believed him, you’re really chill and didn’t deserve the hate. Cancel culture is so toxic. The real person who needs to be permanently canceled is J*.

by Amanda Didion 9 hours ago

I am dying “I’m a curser” shows picture of mouse 🤣

by Cheyenne Trosper 23 hours ago

The clip is Laura gagging is honestly a MOVEMENT

by Samantha Gobin 1 day ago

Girlllll I’m sitting here 8 months pregnant with tears swelling in my eyes with u talking about Laura at the end 😂😂

by Laura Belle 21 hours ago

: NGL Manny be looking like a glammed up Vegeta

by Rina Lynn 10 hours ago

Takes an intense sniff “oh great, I thought it was gonna smell like sharts...” hahaha manny WHY would you take such a giant whiff if you thought it was that smell hahahah

by Katie M 23 hours ago

Manny: “I’m a cursor”
Also Manny: shows a mouse

by Shelby Stych 6 hours ago

manny’s inner make up artist side comes out when he instinctively was going to swatch the markers on his hand as if it was eyeshadow looool @

by em 23 hours ago

My favorite thing about this whole video is Manny just straight up saying “this dumb b” with so much love behind it. That’s me and my best friends all day :) :)

by Elizabeth Capulet 1 day ago

I watched this on my tv and when he yelled my mom comes running “what happened who screamed “ I point at Manny and laugh😭

by Leslie C 8 hours ago

Manny always cheers me up. I laughed so much when he screamed at the ‘anaconda’ that I slavered.

While the rest of YouTube are setting off bombs in their ‘Communities’ & waiting for ‘he who must not be named’ to arise from his pit & start the whole thing going again, here we laugh at a grown man receiving ‘shart wipes’ & oversharing the whole story of why.

You have a lovely friendship & that’s so nice to see ❤️

by Sarah Sarah 19 hours ago

I love how Manny’s instinct at was to swatch the marker on his hand but then he immediately decided against it 😂

by 1 Subscriber Before 2021 9 hours ago

“she’s the best most illiterate friend I have and I love her for it” I literally spit my coffee out! 🤣

by Mrs Weirdy 7 hours ago

Man, I'm so high watching this and that snake thing scared the hell outta me!

Idk how you didnt sh*t yourself after that Manny!😂😂

by Krystal Clearr 16 hours ago

Lmaooo I almost choked on my tamale hearing Manny’s sh*t story😭😭😂😂😂

by Joanna Cardona 1 day ago

Imagining Manny going with Laura, Eryn, and Tyler to the movies is the most wholesome thing ever.

by leeanne brinley 22 hours ago

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