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The full story of our accident.

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Today we wanted to fully share with you guys what happened to us last month. Thank you for all of your love and support during this difficult time. We are getting better everyday & are so excited to be able to live our normal lives soon. Love you guys.
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#Marcus and Kristin accident

Marcus&Kristin photo 1 The full story of our... Marcus&Kristin photo 2 The full story of our... Marcus&Kristin photo 3 The full story of our... Marcus&Kristin photo 4 The full story of our...

Thank you guys for all of your love, prayers & support during this crazy time. We are working so hard everyday to heal - it’s going to be a long journey ahead but we are so excited for the future! 💛🙏🏼

by Marcus&Kristin 1 day ago

The potatoes could be better, not gonna lie

by Paige Cornale 1 day ago

“Two teenagers”😂😂😂 but for real teared up watching that clip of you guys laying on the ground.
Seriously praising God for his protection over the both of you ❤️

by Sarina B 1 day ago

“A fifteen year old boy and a girl about a couple years younger” lol But for real I am so happy you both are ok I always checked for updates and cried when I saw Kris in the hospital

by Rachel Macfarlane 1 day ago

This absolutely broke my heart but I couldn’t help but laugh when they said “a boy, maybe fifteen, and the girl a little younger” 😂

by Madeline B 1 day ago

Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus. Praise Jesus!!!

(also the “this sucks” from Marcus made me laugh so hard while also crying 😭)

by Jennifer Em 1 day ago

“I’m not going to cry” “ I’m not going to cry” then lost it when he said “ baby, I love you so much” I’m crying like a baby.

by flower Star01 19 hours ago

Kristin, I feel like that man who was there to comfort you at the scene could have been an angel. When you said that, I said out loud, “oh my goodness he must’ve been an angel.” I was just reading about angels a couple days ago and how they can take on human form to help us. Anyways, I prayed for you and Marcus so much. I am so glad you guys are okay. Jesus definitely saved you, no doubt about that. And God chose you two to go through this because He knew you were faithful servants He could use to glorify His name and share to the WORLD about Him. God bless you both and I pray for quick healing. 💕

by Kennedy 1 day ago

"Their potatoes could be better... not gonna lie." 😭

by Aerial Carlucci 1 day ago

You can tell how pissed Marcus is about Kristens pain

It makes me feel really sad how much they’ve had to deal with.

by Shilah Lewis 1 day ago

Dude how Kristin was so strong and cohesive and focused and articulate 😱truly a strong woman

by Allison Mallory 1 day ago

JESUS showed up. JESUS was with you every step of the way

by Ebenezer Belayneh 1 day ago

I’ve never gotten emotional when a YouTuber or “celebrity” gets hurt. This one though.. this one crushed my soul.

by Sarahs_sASS 1 day ago

I was crying so hard when they wheeled Kristin in and Marcus said “I love you so much” and then I was cackling at “this SUCKS!” immediately after 😂😂

by Maggie Barnes 1 day ago

The second Kristin started crying I lost it I had to keep pausing so many times bc I couldn’t see through the tears. So glad you’re both healing together, God is good♥️🙏🏼

by Kaelin Ropposch 1 day ago

“That was the stinkiest thing I’ve ever smelled and it was coming from you” Dude, this one made me crack up real hard LOL

by AL ROD 1 day ago

The Lord really had His absolute hand of protection on y’all, all circumstances considered. The extent of the injuries and what they could’ve been.. wow. What a testimony.

Very scary with Kristin’s complications, though. Your recovery will certainly continue to be in my prayers through the process.

by Justen Harden 18 hours ago

The look of anger Marcus had on his face the whole time Kristin was talking about the hospital missing the hip fracture and embolism 😩 Pure love for his wife. ❤️

by Savanah Vasquez 10 hours ago

I laughed/cried at the clip of Marcus saying “Hey, I love you, THIS SUCKS!” 😂😭

by Whitney Bowers 21 hours ago

Am I the only one who thinks Camper aged a lot through all of this?! Like his sadness made him... age? 🥺

by Emma R. Shaffer 14 hours ago

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