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Mark Knopfler on Guitars

Taken from “Soundbreaking” documentary © 2016 Higher Ground LLC

Mark Knopfler Russia photo 1 Mark Knopfler on Guitars Mark Knopfler Russia photo 2 Mark Knopfler on Guitars Mark Knopfler Russia photo 3 Mark Knopfler on Guitars Mark Knopfler Russia photo 4 Mark Knopfler on Guitars

Hi music lovers! This channel was created by Pavel Fomenkov and Igor Mikryukov as a place to collect all the best Mark Knopfler related videos and bootlegs in the best quality humanly possible, we took an enormous amount of effort to make each video basically as good as it can be given our limited resources and access to archives. As by March 2020, most of the videos are blocked and the channel even has 1 copyright strike, because Mark's management has opened an official channel and run it flawlessly, so you can say that their brilliant team have picked up where we left off. With that said, and because there's zero possibilities for this channel to evolve, I recommend you to join the official Mark Knopfler Youtube channel or my own channel — Pavel Fomenkov, where I strive to create 100% legal MK related content, mainly my little project "The Mark Knopfler Songbook", where I try to learn every single Mark's song on one acoustic guitar and share my experience with the world. I'd love to see you there! Pavel. P.S. You can find both channels in the "Recommended" section of this channel.

by Mark Knopfler Russia 2 months ago

This guy inspired me to give up playing the guitar.

by Szab S. 9 months ago

This guy should quit his day job and join a band.

by The Dude Lives 1 month ago

I’m not bullshitting... this guy is way better than me on guitar.

by Philo68 4 months ago

You start watching a video like this, even if you didnt intend to, you just can't stop. Seeing a master at his craft, and explaining it beautifully, is a wonderful thing.

by A R 5 months ago

Mark: "when you learn your first cord and you go....."

No Mark, I didnt do that, and I still cant.

by Manuel Jackhammer 4 months ago

This guy should really think about pursuing a career in music. He could even play coffee shops some day (Haha). Seriously though, Dire Straits first album is just untouchable! The songwriting & lyrics are so mature & developed that it blows my mind Mark was only in his 20's when he wrote them.

Water of Love, Gallery, Lions, West End, etc. are the work of an old & beautiful soul. Mark's emotional depth is unsurpassed and you can feel it in every grumble of his deep voice and every overtone jumping off his right hand. Anyway, Thanks for the great music Mark.

by T- Boog 1 day ago

He can never carry a conversation while holding a guitar because he cant resist getting into a melody and then he falls into a trance 🤣🤣🤣

by Morgan Martin 4 months ago

This guy just said a guitar is your friend for life. That is the most beautiful statement and it is so true.

by Jonny V 6 months ago

My guitar teacher once told me: “Play with a pick, unless your name is Mark Knopfler”

by Stig Wrethed 3 weeks ago

This video needs to be about 30 hours longer

by TIM Grills 2 years ago

Get yourself a girl who Love and kiss you the way Mark his Les Paul

by ML SCh 5 months ago

Hands with such touch, they could weave a blanket with a spider’s web

by Kofi Ofosu 19 hours ago

Im a drummer. I had a motorcycle accident not long time ago, break my legs. That makes me realize i couldnt play drum that good anymore. I play guitar regularly. For the sake of music i learn guitar so hard. And this lesson moves me further

by zuriaF zihS 2 days ago

And now he gets his money for nothin and chicks for free.

by fatarsemonkey 3 months ago

I started watching this and realised shortly after that I was holding my breath. Incredible stuff. Thanks so much.

by Paul Kerrigan 3 weeks ago

Reminds me of ragtime almost; Nonetheless, a great technique every guitarist should have. I’d play like this in parlors if I knew where to find a parlor these days.

by This Reckless 4 months ago

"Endless fun, for young and old. In this case...old." Hilarious

by Tijuana 4 months ago

He has forgotten more than most will ever learn.

by Michael Stevens 1 month ago

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