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Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Romeo And Juliet (Real Live Roadrunning | Official Live Video)

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Real Live Roadrunning is a concert film recorded live on 28th June 2006 at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles towards the end of Mark and Emmylous' tour in support of their critically acclaimed album, All the Roadrunning..
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I cannot speak highly enough about this man and those who stand on the stage with him.  He is one of the very few artist's who doesn't  have the need to stand front and center.  He simply doesn't have that kind of ego.  He allows those talented folks who back him to shine in their own brilliance.  Don't see a great deal of that.  Having said that, I'm of the opinion that every note he plays and every lyric he sings are wrapped in such passion and emotion.  One does not just listen to his music.....they feel it.  He draws me so far into his music and it's a place I choose to stay for a while.  Simply my Mark Knopfler loving opinon::)) !!  I'm forever grateful for his existence and the beauty he shares with us.  He is on a level all his own!  Now should I tell you how I really feel about this genius:::)))  He shines brilliantly in my eyes.

by MissDistarr60 2 years ago

They aged, but in a certain way, better than ever before!

by Altenholz 1 week ago

when you're in quarantine what’s better than listening to this art ?

by Kamal ALI TOUDERT 1 month ago

Way back when, there was this thing called 'radio'. I heard this song called "Sultans of Swing' in my car. I was so taken that when I got home I called the radio station on a telephone that, get this, was wired to the wall!. I bought the album the next day, and have been a fan ever since. I think the later album "Brothers in Arms" maybe one of the best rock records ever made. Mark is a true musical genius. One of my many regrets is having never seen him live.

by joseph humphrey 1 week ago

I named my daughter "Juliet" because of this song.
My God i'll have to protect her from the Romeo's....

by Richard Brew 1 month ago

When it's 2 A.M. and you really should be in bed and this comes across as a suggested video? Sure, you've watched it a thousand times but you grab another beer, lean back and just become mesmerized...

by morgbug1 11 months ago

Who else is back here to check if Emmy Lou has shown up yet?

by gavsterdb 1 month ago

Imagine having the pure talent it would take to write and play a song that makes people feel the way this one does. Not of this world.

by Brad Dawson 3 weeks ago

Dopo diversi anni provo ancora le stesse emozioni quando l'ascolto

by Stefano Rotilio 7 months ago

"all i do is kiss you through the bars of a rhyme"
Holy shit, Mark.

by Si Brandon 6 months ago

when i was young i was in childrens homes and in care,, since i was 8... back in the 80's this mans music helped me through some pretty tuff times in my life,, and kept me moving on with my life,, in my eyes hes my hero,, on stage and on that guitar,, always be my hero.

by lee wright 2 years ago

For me this is the greatest love song ever written

by Wayne Higham 4 months ago

Today has been a tough one, in these uncertain times we have to deal with each day as it comes, as soon as I turned on the music and linked up to the stereo, cranked up, glass of wine, I feel so much better already, music helps the soul !!!!

by lisa smallman 1 month ago

I used to love seeing Dire Straits live when they came to LA years ago. The Greek theater was the best venue to see them, great memories

by ben dover 6 months ago

"All I do is kiss you, through the bars of a rhyme."

Goddamn, that's still a killer line after all these years!

by musiclover9361 1 month ago

In my opinion " all I do is kiss you through the bars of a rhyme" is the best lyric of all time!

by Tom Prendergast 1 month ago

Mark is DEFINITELY one of the GREATEST GUITARIST OF ALL TIME. I would even listen to him play a rubber band.

by C. Blake Rockhart 7 months ago

its the best love song ever written. ever. the masterpiece

by immortal scurds 1 month ago

I guess I had tears listening to these artists because life is passing in the fast lane now. Enjoy life, it’s too short

by annamal pete 4 months ago

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