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3 Scary Games LIVE (special surprise at 33,333 likes)

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It's time for a LIVE rendition of 3 Scary Games! Also there'll be a special surprise if we hit 33,333 likes!
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Markiplier photo 1 3 Scary Games LIVE (special... Markiplier photo 2 3 Scary Games LIVE (special... Markiplier photo 3 3 Scary Games LIVE (special... Markiplier photo 4 3 Scary Games LIVE (special...

Mark: nothing on the internet is permanent
Reposters: hello there.

by Chef Enrique 3 months ago

The video was interrupted by a movie preview and it said “The time is come that the son of God be glorified.” I skipped the ad and then I saw Patrick crucified. I’ve never had such a great example of a Well Shit moment.

Mark: nothing is permanent
Reuploaders: are you sure about that?

by 0o0_LemonGrass_0o0 1 month ago

Mark deletes a video
Reuploaders: it's rewind time...

by OG Davy 1 month ago

Mark: *gets jumpscared*
Mark: ...
Mark: "...oh hi diddly ho neighbor, how you diddly doing?"

by Tyto tenebricosa 1 month ago

My most favorite part is when he threatens to delete another one of his vids it was so funny, I choked on my coke

by Dark .Faz.Dreamur 1 month ago

Imagine someone was just watching that video and it just gets deleted mid video

by Pezza2602 3 months ago

Before the Suprise:
During the Suprise:

by Cheburek Republic 1 month ago

Mark: says we gona luv it
Also mark: reveals secret

Us: we don't end up luvin it

by bmx on the Edge 1 month ago

Mark: “Beautiful 62 degrees”. Me, a dumba** who lives in Canada, where people use Celsius: “I don’t-“

by Churchill Wang 1 week ago

Markiplier: I'm a brave boy
Me:*flashbacks to him screaming his head off while playing FNAF

by Freddy Fazbear 1 month ago

Mark: Deletes Video

Me: Looks up Markiplier 3am at Krusty Krabs

YouTube: 60 different reuploads of the video

by Chaotic Basilisk 3 months ago

I’m still waiting for my existence to be deleted...

by Sabrina Senior 1 month ago

old, dead lady: *bangs head on wall*'

me: haha, mood.

by anakinkat 1 month ago

Me when she opened her eyes and started talking: oh HEeEeElLLL nOOO

Also hello person who decided to read the rest of this. Here is doggo love 🐶💖

by Willow Matthews 1 week ago

Mark: "I don't believe you should like or subscribe to anything unless you enjoy/want more of it without feeling compelled to do so."

Comments on this video: "LiKe iF yOu -"

by Noah Harris 1 month ago

ah yes, my favorite youtuber: plier.

by Pat Tolosa 2 months ago

mark: "how dare you like the video"
me: hasn't liked the video but did so out of spite

by Hattie The Mercenary 1 month ago

How is patrick dead??? He is a starfish. They can regenerate their limbs.

by PennyKay 1 month ago

Mark: ranting about deleting my existence
Me: watching his nose
Me: boooooop.

by Camila Solis Torrez 1 week ago

Spongebob died doing the stanky leg. Can we get an F in chat

by thejayinator585 1 month ago

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