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Markiplier photo 1 Baldis Basics Plus: IN SCHOOL... Markiplier photo 2 Baldis Basics Plus: IN SCHOOL... Markiplier photo 3 Baldis Basics Plus: IN SCHOOL... Markiplier photo 4 Baldis Basics Plus: IN SCHOOL...

God, or whatever god they believe in or exists, please bless momiplier for doing a good job raising mark

by An artist sorta 4 hours ago

Mark bragging about how lovely and puffy his hair is.

Well now you're just outright rubbing it in Baldi's face.

by Thomas Palazzolo 3 hours ago

Why does the teacher look like a mutant Pez dispenser..?! :O

by M.A.D Gaming 2 hours ago

“I don’t know where I am”

Another mark walks in*

“There I am”

Nice edits lixian

by David 4 hours ago

mark: "i used it and look how poofy my hair is, it's sO pOOFY-"
me: haha mark hair go ✨p o o f✨

thank you for the shampoo momiplier <3

by Kaylee Gordon 4 hours ago

"it's like attack on titan except with me and baldi"
imagining baldi as a titan genuinely scares me

by moor. 4 hours ago

Warning Screen Flashing Incoming

Me with a Headache: is this some sort of joKE?

by Olive Goncalves 4 hours ago

Rules of the stealth game: use chalk erasers, lockers, AND YOUR MAP, to hide from the principals
5 minutes later
Mark: “Oh I can use the map!”

by Hannah Moin 3 hours ago

When Mark says ", You can't see me!"
My Brain: "And his name is JOHN CENA!!!"

by Vrishin Jaiswal 2 hours ago

"That ruler is going to fit somewhere right inside of me"

the face of immediate regret

by Beak Life 4 hours ago

Mark: That ruler is going to fit.. Somewhere in me.

Amy, Bob, Wade and all of Marks other friends: you wanna tell us something?

by Autumn The gay 2 hours ago

"That ruler is going to fit somewhere inside of me" - Mark Edward Fischbach 2020

by Jessica Pineda 4 hours ago

Markiplier: “What are you doing with your life?”

Me: “Folding laundry?”

by Ian Ohlsson 4 hours ago

Mark: "This is like attack on titan but with Baldi"
Mark is an anime fan ,confirmed....

by Ibrahim nasir 4 hours ago

“yes I have risen to the height of gods!”
Huh, so apparently all gods are 5,10”?

by Astral Cloud 2 hours ago

“It’s like Attack on Titan except me and Baldi”

by Snake 4 hours ago

When I watched the first one, I thought everything I was seeing was because I was super out-of-my-mind drunk. And now, watching the second one, I realize I was achually completely fine and this was not a crazy alcohol induced experiance.

by MaxRideOhhRight 4 hours ago

Whenever Baldi catches him I just hear the "MORTIS" from Faith In my head

by Pluto Is Daddy 3 hours ago

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