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SAVING LIVES in VR | Just in Time Incorporated

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Job Simulator's got nothing on this! Get ready for the greatest job in the world as you save people's lives in slow motion!
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Markiplier photo 1 SAVING LIVES in VR |... Markiplier photo 2 SAVING LIVES in VR |... Markiplier photo 3 SAVING LIVES in VR |... Markiplier photo 4 SAVING LIVES in VR |...

Mark: catches bullet to stop it from hitting the president
Also Mark: launches same bullet at president
Mark: Oh oops

by Mophie B. 1 year ago

Mark: Takes shirt off Dianne
Dianne: has bra
Mark: Takes shirt of kevin
Kevin: has bra
Mark: uhhh...... well I’m gonna assume that’s normal

by Ez Clap 11 months ago

Love how mark doesn’t question how the gloves slow time and teleport but questions the ability to catch bullets

by River York 1 year ago

Doesn't teleport to save the man, but teleports to the sign to look at vr girls...

Classic mark

by Professional Idiotz 1 year ago

Mark: ummm... Ummm.... Return to sender????
Me:*falls out of chair laughing*

by Jerne Martin 1 year ago


Mark:(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

by aaantonzzz 11 months ago

“Unlike a normal clipboard, it is very expensive.”

Welcome to marketing, kids.

by Katie MB 2 years ago

I like how Markiplier shouts "Land your taint on my mouth!" while wearing a shirt that reads: Future President... I don't know about you guys but I'd vote for him.

by John Doe 8 months ago

has wrist bands on
drops controller
does some badass Mcree shit
"alright lets go..."

by Naoki The Medic 1 year ago

Mark: kills bad guys
Also Mark: “I feel bad about this”

by James Wolfe 11 months ago

"The gloves also let you teleport now teleport in to the teleporter"

by joe linen 1 year ago

Rodents of unusual size? I don’t believe they exist.
5 seconds later

by Stella 7465 1 year ago

"'scuse me,"
takes bullet and shoots clump

by ratatwang 1 year ago

"Like a regular clipboard, it can hold information"
"Unlike a regular clipboard, it is very expensive."

by HappyDementor67 7 months ago

Kevin and dianne: walks perfectly natural while naked

Mark: ummmm...

by Niño Garcera 1 year ago

HR: We've had multiple sexual harassment claims filed against you.
Mark: I don't know what your talking about.
HR: It says you stole their clothes...
Mark: It was an accident...
HR: You accidentally stole their clothes multiple times?
Mark: ...yes
HR: We're filing a lawsuit against you....

by Miss J 2 years ago

Did anyone else notice that Kevin was the only man with a bra? 😂

by TAWS .S 1 year ago

Mark: Yer gonna be fine!
Random Guy Falling Out Of Window
Mark: Land yer taint on my mouth...
opens mouth Ahhhhhh
Guy: thud Uohhuhh
Mark: Did he make it?
D..Did he make it?
Guy: ragdoll falls on head
Mark: Oh yeah he made it

by Molly Meep 1 year ago

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