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Siren Head is very real. And quite possibly standing right outside your window. But in other news you probably should never go camping because he's coming for you. And when he's coming for you... he will find you. And he will mock you. And then he will eat you...
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Markiplier photo 1 SIREN HEAD is COMING FOR... Markiplier photo 2 SIREN HEAD is COMING FOR... Markiplier photo 3 SIREN HEAD is COMING FOR... Markiplier photo 4 SIREN HEAD is COMING FOR...

Lowest Quality Setting: โ€œPotatoโ€ Now THAT is a game designer with TASTE

by Rarin Recruit 5 days ago

Everyone gangsta until the forest starts saying "This forest is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends"

by Shaney Boi 6 days ago

Y'all love when sirenhead literally tells him that he is alone because his friends are dead

by GodzillaFan 2017 5 days ago

Jumpscare/Sirenhead appearing list:
Sirenhead speaks
Sirenhead eats Mark
Sirenhead is briefly bamboozled
Sirenhead DOES know where you are
Sirenhead catches Mark monologuing
"Not like this!"
Mark has 8 bullets
Swimming is bad
Sirenhead with dat Naruto run

by Joel Teague 6 days ago

I like how when mark sees siren head he turns a bolt action rifle into a fully automatic machine gun

by myles luther 6 days ago

Mark, I don't know what you've learned about Siren Head so I thought I'd catch you up to speed:
Siren head is canonically 40ft tall, some people like to make him bigger but that's how big he is supposed to be. The broken Chicago tornado alert is also canonically the only sound he is able to make other than mimicking voices. He is completely organic with the exception of wires and siren heads which have melded to his skin. Since he has existed prior to the invention of sirens it's assumed he has some ability to time travel, going so far back as to exist during pre-history, appearing on cave paintings.
The community has compounded upon it and the only thing they did that sort of became canon is that when questioned how he can mimic voices Henderson suggested recording equipment. It's likely that he hadn't given it any thought rather than being vague but who really knows. The community however added this to it:
Siren head is capable of broadcasting his sound to other equipment, such as radio and television. He is able to do a live feed of and manipulate to some extent news broadcasts which he can use similarly to his use in this game. It's commonly considered that most of his sounds come either from people or simply things he hears around, such as railroad crossing bells if he were close enough to hear them. It seems he's restricted to siren like sounds and people but it's possible he could rebroadcast things such as concerts that play music loudly enough that he might mistake it for siren like sounds. I don't recall if it's canon or not but Siren head is able to broadcast multiple sounds at once, likely due to his plethora of sirens. Canonically as well he got an update increasing his sirens from 2 to 3.
He also only hunts for humans, canonically he does so to eat but the community has given him life as a malevolent being by making him strictly attack humans rather than just eat them, though due to canon they haven't just thrown away eating humans as his option. His "hobbies" as they are phrased is to kill humans and mimic loud sounds but his "goal" is simply to survive.

by TheUltimateTestofSanity 5 days ago

โ€œSiren head starts chasing markโ€

Mark: so anyways I started blasting

by Julio Cabrera 5 days ago

Moral of the story: always choose video games over going outside.

by MonsterTeegs 4 days ago

Everybody gangsta till the school alarm starts walking

by luigi board 1 week ago

"These are just normal forest sounds" imagine going to a zoo and the guide says listen to the wombat mating call, and you hear OuOuwoOOAWaHwAh coming loudly out of its mouth

by Jonathon [REDACTED] 5 days ago

Who knew that a hunting rifle was secretly a frickin minigun

by Mandarin Oranges 4 days ago

A sound that sounds between Gordon Ramsay shouting, and a broken siren
Mark: That is a sound of a WoMBat MaTiNg CaLl

by TheCerealSlayer 5 days ago

Everyone else: Hears a scary noise.

Mark: Clearly it's the mating call of a wombat. ๐Ÿง

by matthew kovich 4 days ago

every youtuber: shoots siren head once

mark: iโ€™m gonna do whats called a pro gamer move

by omaZing 1 week ago

The way sirenhead hunt remind me of how humans hunt, they make noises to either Frighten or Bait their prey into their trap, then brutally murder their next meal.

by BipBip_Plasm ! 4 days ago

"I don't like starting over" starts having getting over it flash backs...

by Jacl 3 days ago

They just took a whole random sound library and slapped it into this game rofl

by That one Idduhao 5 days ago

Teacher: "The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do!"
Also Teacher:

by Elena Flames 4 days ago

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