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Megan Thee Stallion - Girls in the Hood [Lyric Video]

Megan Thee Stallion photo 1 Megan Thee Stallion - Girls... Megan Thee Stallion photo 2 Megan Thee Stallion - Girls... Megan Thee Stallion photo 3 Megan Thee Stallion - Girls... Megan Thee Stallion photo 4 Megan Thee Stallion - Girls...

Whoever like this is going to be successful and a billionaire one day.

by Chloe Walker 1 week ago

“Looking for a sasuke”
Yasss Queen, who isn’t looking for sasuke

by Jiminshiii Mochi 4 days ago

I realized people fought over if nicki or cardi is better- Now she here no one fightin- WHEW

by Chile Anywayz 4 days ago

It’s funny how people who say “If you like this comment she will get more views” don’t get likes but people who say funny things do 😂👍.

by Brandon Huitron 1 day ago

“ima make him eat me out while I’m watching anime” y.e.s

by noirxx 4 days ago

The "female weebs don't exist" meme has been effectively nuked.

by SuperMeghan91 2 days ago

Meg: I don’t stand outside because I’m too outstanding
No one:
Absolutely nobody:
My brain: Don’t leave me! Take me with you!

by Emily 4 days ago


Not one single soul:

Tiktok: its free real estate

by CozierPaladin 95 2 days ago

Claim your “here before tiktok” ticket here xox

by Ya Dude 1 week ago

Here’s my petition for her to have her own anime

by Jackson Chapin 3 days ago

"Looking for a Sasuke"

Translation: Looking for a toxic and cold man that will try to kill me twice 😂😂😂

PS: Sasuke is good now, in Boruto. 🔥

by Danaaya Oliver 1 day ago

For everyone saying her music sound the same y’all are delusional. Y’all only just tuned into her Hot a Girl Era but if you list to her Tina Snow and Fever era, it’s completely different🥵. Don’t claim you a fan of her if you don’t know the progress she made 🧡

by DB Mashups 2 days ago

THE NARUTo LINE- what a queen, I gotta stan her now

by h o n e y 2 days ago

She's hot and she watches anime plus she's smart as hell and she got mad skills I just can't help but love her

by Sojoya Marshall 1 week ago

I love how shes confident but has a funny, self-aware, sense of humor

by Jord 4 days ago

I hear what she is saying but ALL I can think about is Straight out of Compton 😂

by Nadia Vela 1 day ago

People don’t like the song because they think she ain’t talking about nothing but I peeped every bar 😂🔥 You have to be a real hot boy/hot girl to get the lyrics. A lot of people doing reaction videos didn’t even catch the Anime bar 🥵

by DB Mashups 2 days ago

She need a sasuke lol let’s just hope she’s no Sakura 😂😬

by roouit patan 2 days ago

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