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I Built a Dopamine Box

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In this episode, I design and build my own device that reminds to complete 6 tasks each day. Each flick on the switch is accompanied by a tiny boost in dopamine. Inspired by Simone Giertz "The Everyday Calendar" but with 6 reminders instead of one.
The full code, CAD and illustrator files as well as the schematic for the electronics can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JT_uNP8yWYnl9HUFpKN8J3Ya1B2z1zBw
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Mike Boyd photo 1 I Built a Dopamine Box Mike Boyd photo 2 I Built a Dopamine Box Mike Boyd photo 3 I Built a Dopamine Box Mike Boyd photo 4 I Built a Dopamine Box

I feel like this could actually be a really successful product if mass produced

by Boffy 5 days ago

The human brain is hilariously easy to trick.

by Eypick 2 days ago

Mike come on let’s get back to doing that backflip

by The Epic Bandit 5 days ago

Abnormal amount of verified YouTubers: clicks comment section it’s time to shine

by Ossifyn 2 days ago

How to say 6?

English: Six
German: Sechs
Spanish: seis
France: six
Mike Boyed: S E X

by Frankey 5 days ago

Why don't you add a speaker and let the sound of the to-do app ring out everytime you operate a switch?

by Patrik Strohmeyer 2 days ago

This dude's just living life... different. Instead of only doing one thing for the rest of his life, he decided to do EVERYTHING

by Yvng Enchilada 2 days ago

Learning disparate skills is so underrated. You never know ahead of time how they will play off of and amplify each other, but they always do. Never would have thought Law School + Public Speaking + Videography = YouTube Channel, but here we are.

by LegalEagle 5 days ago

This is why people should learn “random” things

by Kenneth Wong 5 days ago

This guy is like a 80% more lax Michael Reeves

by Justin Guo 1 day ago

My lazy ass would just “forget” to charge it so I don’t have to do my chores.

by Grxyz 4 days ago

If you're like me you'll just press the buttons without doing the tasks

by Zoltan Rusé-Tasnady 1 day ago

Todo list: backflip part 2 Mike: I’ll do it tomorrow

by woiour loin 3 days ago

“Dopamine, my favorite chemical”
Law enforcement: hmmm

by The Original Kid 4 days ago

"I'll do the boring task just to check it off the list"

Me after having put over thousands of hours into Fallout and Elder scrolls

by Bubblegum 1 day ago

"A Jack of all trades, master of none, is oft better than a master of one"

by John Wood 2 days ago

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