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Sinead O'Connor "Thank You For Hearing Me" - Puppy Mills

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The American Kennel Club (AKC) really should be ashamed of themselves, and be put out of business. Puppy mills comprise 80% of the AKC's business. It registered 917,247 puppies in 2003 at the cost of approximately $25.00 per puppy. AKC support is the main impetus behind puppy mills.
AKC slogan: "We're more than champion dogs. We're the dogs' champion." (Hah!!!!!)
Read their website -- they are evil.
AKC contact page, http://www.akc.org/contact/contact_ak...
AKC opposed House Bill (HB) 2470 to regulate puppy mills in Oregon, and many others; they are against ownership limits for commercial breeders and oppose all Bills that attempt to crack down even minimally on puppy mills, and they instruct their members to act on their behalf.
As long as there are people demanding purebred puppies and allowing the breeding business, including puppy mills, to be profitable, our shelters will continue killing thousands of lovable, healthy animals daily. The puppy mills really must be stopped...everyone says it, even Oprah, but they continue. ...IT MUST BE STOPPED! Let the AKC know what you think of them.
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It is just sickening!! My heart goes out to each and everyone of the poor dogs + cats. We must put an end to this.

by Sarahsum1 11 years ago

So sad. How could anyone do this?

by aartvegan 11 years ago

ur right!! how does all this stop. these animals deserve a good life just as we humans live, but not all think the same, evil people will do anything to make money, even if it means torturing or killing animals.

by ananya7ananya 11 years ago

You are right about the AKC. Because of them people have them breed over and over again. There are so many rejected because there is so many and maybe somebody thinks the animal is not good enough. I have a chocolate lab mix. He maybe not be a pure bred in their eyes but he is definitely one in mine. Thanks for bringing this awareness.

by DearestBecky 11 years ago

Puppy Mills are a disgrace to this world. People need to adopt a dog not by one.

by ARTLKING 8 years ago

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