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We SNAPPED His Ankles... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #84

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barry the goat sanders lugggggss his monster peen onto the field to embarrass this man.. is that enough to secure the bag tho? find out today babbyyyy
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MMG photo 1 We SNAPPED His Ankles... Wheel... MMG photo 2 We SNAPPED His Ankles... Wheel... MMG photo 3 We SNAPPED His Ankles... Wheel... MMG photo 4 We SNAPPED His Ankles... Wheel...

Day 15: Add “use the trap queen intro for one video” to the challenge wheel

by Ben DiLorenzo 20 hours ago

MrBeast: First one to knock over the pylon gets a million dollars

by Jack Warren 19 hours ago

"We need a better O-line"

Proceeds to get a linebacker

by Luis Groff 20 hours ago

When your so early and there’s no people in the comments saying don’t lie who’s been a fan of mmg before 2020

by Ansel Brooks 20 hours ago

When you realize he deleted all of the insta posts with KAYLEE. Edit: How did I get this much CLOUT

by Jack Warren 20 hours ago

Challenge: can’t slide with Your QB on scrambles

by Ryan Pulpi 20 hours ago

Put “ can’t touch controller for 1 defensive drive” to the challenge.
Like so he can see

by Wyatt Romanowski 20 hours ago

No one:
Literally no one:
Not even abuse pig or kaylee:
Matt: is an absolute king at 6’5 245 pounds

by Jack Sherman 20 hours ago

When your so early you don’t see any comments saying “when your so early you don’t see any comments saying who’s been a fan of MMG since 2015

by Decay_ JPP 19 hours ago

Bench warmers telling their friends they’re gonna get playing time in the game just to sit the bench.

by LILGUTE 20 hours ago

POV: You are scrolling through the comments while Papa does his intro.

by PAPA IS THE GOAT 20 hours ago

Day 1 of asking to put “You can only use the A option for one drive” for example, you can only pick the A plays, you can only stiff arm, you can only pass to A. Like so he sees this!

by JT Geraci676 20 hours ago

Imagine competing for “first” lmfao

by Aidan Budaj 20 hours ago

put “prank call kaylee” on challenge wheel

by Grant Ewing 20 hours ago

I’ve never got my step sis out the dryer so fast

by Wyatt Romanowski 20 hours ago

As Joe Swanson once said, “ Saying that you’re first isn’t funny, nor is it original”

by Joseph Purdy 20 hours ago

"Dalvin Cook wants more playing time apparently"
Stat at the top pops up saying 2 rushes for 4 yards

by GoldenSlayer218 17 hours ago

TECHNICALLY he didn’t knock the pylon over it just moved while standing up

Edit : sooo uhhh ig I paused before he realized to comment this

by ‘ Roach 19 hours ago

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