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Robert Kiyosaki 2019 - The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

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Robert Kiyosaki broke the internet with this life changing speech. They don't want you to see this! This is why the poor stay poor and the rich get richer!
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On teachers: “They teach subjects they themselves don’t practice.” Truth

by Johnny L. Spot 9 months ago

"The moment I pay you, you think like an employee" damn thats deep

by Marquise Thomas 3 weeks ago

I bet mike was confused why this kid was hanging out with his dad more than him

by tacogaming 5 days ago

“They teach subjects they themselves don’t use”

English Teacher: Am I a joke to you?

by Alfie Smith 3 weeks ago

"The moment I pay you you think like an employee" - never pay your kids just because they need money. Make them think how to earn them with their ideas.

by FineFinance with Alex 3 weeks ago

A question opens the mind. A statement closes the mind. Thats some powerful stuff

by Bohdan Lav 9 months ago

“Sometimes a blessing, doesn’t look like a blessing”

by cagii45 3 weeks ago

my gf broke up with me at my worst. friends screwed me over. I was just going to do it. Jump off the highrise carpark of Melbourne Airport. I sat on the edge of it for hours. i make $50k a year, no the worst, but i'm treated and spoken to like a cockroach.

Then, i realized. I wasn't scared anymore. i wasn't scared of failure, of rejection, or death. I wasn't scared, period. That's when i knew. I said to myself that i'll break out of this, that i'm not going to work my guts off 50+ hours a week until i cant walk, so i can collect the bare minimum pension at 75 by then.

My ''boss'' was screaming at me for something i had nothing to do with, as usual, and i remember him saying something like ''You'll be here for years. you'll be doing this for the rest of your life'' Then my ex texted that i was not ''allowed'' to hang out with her friends. Her friends that became mine over the 4+ years of dating. The lowest of lows.

So i saved. I saved as much as i could. My employer's statement about how i'll be his pawn for years echoing in my head 24/7. I got the cheapest internet and phone plans, moved in with parents, stopped spending on ANYTHING unnecessary. I never bought fast food, or clothes. Iam and was so determined, i skipped lunch at work, shaved my head instead of paying for a barber. i SOLD everything i didnt need, and if i did need it, i downgraded if it was possible. I also spent those 10 months learning. About the history of money, shares, cryptos. I would work 10 hours, go home, and spend another 6-10 researching, studying, looking at graphs, learning phrases, what they meant, and what they stood for, and how to interpret them, till the point where i wasn't just watching videos, guides, taking online courses. i was making the more accurate guesses and predictions. I was and AM more committed than ever before in my life.

and today, 10 months later. I have $32,000 on my savings account. I just bought btc at 8800 for $8k worth, then again at 9100 for $7k. i'll wait till the inevitable post halving drop/correction, hopefully to sub 7500, then i'll buy for 17k+ and then for 600-900 a week onwards, from every paycheck, until sub $25k.

I'm banking on $50k+ invested by the end of the year.. and a further $15-20k in the first half of next year. Bring on q3/4 of 2021/q1 2022. I'm going to make it. And i'll make it big.

Don't be a pawn. Don't just be a dreamer. Take those risks, and DO. i'll make $5 million in the next 7 years. That's a statement. No if's and no but's. Bite me.

by Kristof Alexy 3 weeks ago

"Keep them ignorant" is better because they will be poor anyway, and they will never question as to why.

by Remko Jerphanion 4 weeks ago

Him: "Dropping out of school is a blessing"
Me:"Spending thousand dollars for my professors reading word by word from slides w/o learn any real skills. Hurtful reality"

by Vi DoTran 3 weeks ago

was told by a Rich man, if you want to keep your employees coming back to work, keep them poor.

by Gadwin 9 months ago

Teachers teach what they don’t do everyday, entrepreneurs do what they teach everyday. That hits hard ✌️

by Sirine Rezgui 3 weeks ago

I have a couple of greenhouses. I’m growing tomatoes and cucumbers 😂

by Pippa pig 3 weeks ago

So i study for half of my life to be somebody's employee someday. Thats how i get it. Schools did really great in brainwashing.

by Candy Mint08 5 days ago

I like the way he actually talks but...
They don't teach about money because education is not about getting rich, although education can be used as a weapon on that target.
For example, Aristotle is not remembered, thousands of years after his death of being rich, he is remembered for the Rich state of mind and his level of education. Actually, no one cares if he had money.
According to history, Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander The Great. Alexander promised to make rich his teacher when he would conquer the world, since he was so grateful from the education he got from him. After Alexander conquered almost all the known world at that time, he offered tremendous wealth to Aristotle, but he refused to take any.

There is also a myth that Alexander The great in his funeral ordered 3 things:
1) The best doctors of his era to carry his dead body.
2) To spread all his gold and silver on the way to his tomb.
3) That his hands should be able to be seen free in the air.
His General asked why he wants all those strange things and ATG said:
1) I want everybody to see that even the best Doctors are powerless to save you from death.
2) I want everybody to see that all the wealth we get here, stays here.
3) I want everybody to see that we come with empty hands and we leave with empty hands, when our greatest treasure finishes, which is TIME.
Sorry about my English, is not my native language.
My point is... money is good, can make your life easier. When you break the point to financial freedom by living a simple life, more money or luxury doesn't mean more happiness.

by giannispets 9 months ago

This is even more challenging amid this COVID recession

by Niss! 2 days ago

The colour of his spec tells me something.

by mmmoroi Moroi 2 days ago

the rich dad was already rich to begin with.

by Anuj Murmu 4 days ago

This man lost all credibility when he said they said to keep them poor no one ever said that.

by Alex Cantu 2 days ago

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