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GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks Drama Movie

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GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks Drama Movie
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#GREYHOUND Trailer #2020

Movie Coverage photo 1 GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks... Movie Coverage photo 2 GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks... Movie Coverage photo 3 GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks... Movie Coverage photo 4 GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks...

Forrest Gump's shrimp business has become so competitive.

by Sam Fulford 2 months ago

Little does he know that he’s gunna storm the beaches of Normandy 2 years later, as well as be drafted into Vietnam

by EMT Danger 1 month ago

Plot Twist: He’s really out there looking for Wilson

by TheOMGsee 1 month ago

Das Boot - the greatest WW2 sub film ever made. This won't come near to it.

by selfatrophy 1 month ago

Trailer: In theaters June 12
Coronavirus: Hold my popcorn...

by Bruce Tucker 2 weeks ago

The Germans equipped their submarines with demonic whale noises to intimidate enemy ships.
- Based on real events btw

by Levvy 1 month ago

"Based on true events" doesn't necessarily mean it's "accurately portrayed"

Edit: I apologize for my missed view of the wording 'inspired by' and not 'based on'. Although, apart from that, I still think the film needs to be worked on more on a more realistic aspect. I believe that both entertainment and historical accuracy can still fit the same line in a film grade industry.

by OneStar 1 month ago

Didn't I know that German WWII submarines had a Predator sound ?!

by Itapuan Costa 1 month ago

According to Hollywood U-Boats work like this:

How about we leave our safety underwater and dive up so they can shoot at us with their deck guns. Brilliant

by artvin nd 1 month ago

This takes place in 1942 and D day happens in 1944 so he still has time to stop Private Ryan from going to war and save his future self.

by tahsin99999999 2 months ago

“Alright we have this role where you’d be playing the captain of-“ Tom Hanks: ”I’m in”

by Johnny 1 month ago

The U-Boat Captain sounded like Dracula

by ZGundam83 1 month ago

Would be much more interesting if it was the British perspective of their merchant navy being attacked by U-boats instead of America, considering Britain’s merchant navy took the most on.

by Anglus Patria 1 month ago

There are so many issues with this, it looks like they did absolutely zero research and decided just to make another Hollywood action flick for an easy box office spike.

by Passion Fire 1 month ago

This must be the most incompetent captain that ever existed, first he gets his ship hijacked by pirates and now runs straight into an wolfpack

by Chris Oly 2 months ago

Let me guess: America-single-handedly-winning-the-battle-of-the-Atlantic coming soon!

by Leode Siefast 1 month ago

Ah another “All American”’part for Mr. Hanks.

by Tom Zadvydas 8 hours ago

Am I the only one feeling that I have already seen the entire movie by just watching this trailer?

by Flanker305 6 days ago

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