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SELF MADE Trailer (2020) Tiffany Haddish, Octavia Spencer Movie

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SELF MADE Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker Trailer (2020) Octavia Spencer, Tiffany Haddish
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#SELF MADE #movie

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Octavia Spencer herself is self made. Been a cameo actress for 20 years and finally she get the recognition she deserves

by Cay V 4 months ago

“Linclon freed me 40 years back”

“And that’s why I’m gonna pay you”

“And that’s why you’re my favorite daughter in law.”


by _kauaian_ S.O. 4 months ago

It’s about goddamn time Madam C.J Walker got the spotlight she deserves

by Ashley Ament 4 months ago

This. This! This is the kind of movie Hollywood needs to be making, not divisive ones that stereotype African Americans as helpless oppressed victims who never receive justice, but the stories of hundreds of thousands and millions of individuals who were able to overcome unspeakable opposition to achieve the American dream.

by Charlie Johnson 4 months ago

Seeing Tiffany Haddish in a dramatic role will be sooooo interesting.

by D Oz 4 months ago

A movie depicting what it's like to have black hair and the struggles that it comes with! Yes lord!

by Arrianna Tate 4 months ago

I’m so happy that we’re gonna see Tiffany playing a different type of role.She’s beautiful and her story of how she came up is beautiful and I wanna see her win

by Zhana Cox 4 months ago

Yeeessss! Black history month and women's history month in one movie! All right.

by TheCarlScharnberg 4 months ago

“Damn Sarah, how big do you want to be...?” “ Big...Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller put together...” 👌🏾I just love Octavia’s mellow yet powerful acting genius.✊🏾

by GlobalCeTZen 4 months ago

Octavia is one of the most high quality actresses as of now..I'd watch anything she's in

by Lil Jay 4 months ago

Blaire Underwood. I have missed him onscreen. Glad he is back on the big screen. Yaaa Netflix 💯

by Omah Speaks 4 months ago

Garrett Morris is underrated. He is a genuine actor and comedian. I’ve never seen him fail in his crafts. I’m definitely going to see this movie. Gon’ Octavia❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

by SPF Sincerely 4 months ago

"Colored Women will do anything to look like me." And this is why Marcus Garvey came to America to instill confidence in our beautify dark skin Queens so they wouldn't have to look like anyone other than the Queens staring back at them from the mirror reflection!

by The Infamous Poke In RichmondCA 94804 4 months ago

Blair Underwood channeling his Madea’s Family Reunion character lowkey lol

by brownsugarglamour 4 months ago

Looks good, I really hope that the story tells everything about our various textures of hair. Colorism will no doubt be a part of this story too. I can't wait to see this.

by v t 4 months ago

I’m happy Tiffany is playing a serious role I didn’t want her to fall into being casted as the stereotypical black woman all the time I like to see range in actors

by Moka Koka 4 months ago

SELF MADE trailer (2020): OCTAVIA SPENCER, Tiffany Haddish movie

There, I fixed it for you! Cuz, you know, Octavia is the lead! 😏

by La Tasha 4 months ago

I read about her once, glad to see that she’s getting the notoriety she deserves.

by Charles Lumpkin 4 months ago

Oh my gosh, they are explaining the roots of COLORISM! YES, EDUCATE THE AUDIENCE!!!!

by 1GoldRunner 4 months ago

Please for God's sake don't let Tiffany haddish be the loud best friend.

by W 4 months ago

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