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out of the corner of your eye you spot him


by Bobo Jarboe 1 day ago

"You're going to hell."
"Yeah but I'm at peace with that."
-Most of Hollywood.

by Jaythe90skyd 1 day ago

Now we need a cross-over sequel: The Tax Collector vs The Accountant.

by NoJusticeNoPeace 1 day ago

It’s like “Training day” but instead it’s “Cartel training day”! Shia’s Denzel and the other guys Ethan 👍🏾

by Reko Sanchez 1 day ago

Gang member: "I heard you're the devil"
Louis Stevens: "There's only one bad egg here and it's me."

by Tommy Casual 1 day ago

Shia lebeouf is a hell of an actor

by The Don 1 day ago

Hope shia gets an oscar in the next 10 on a different level

by Trevor Eisner 1 day ago

Sam is facing harsh times after Optimus and Bumblebee left him.....

by PSYCHO 1 day ago

I didn’t see this episode of even Stevens

by Tay Miller 1 day ago

i see shia with cauliflower ear in the thumb nail. I'm guessing my boy been grappling alot

by Purge Workouts 1 day ago

I love Shia. So glad he's getting more roles these days and this movie nicely expands even more on what he can bring us as an actor

by Coldfire 1 day ago

I’m a simple man I see Shia and I click

by Jersey World 1 day ago

Cartel member: I can’t pay

Shia: DOOO ITTTT!!!!
Follow your dreams and DOOO ITTTTT!!!!

by Max Rockatansky 1 day ago

His character looks like a young walter white

by Lonely Druid 1 day ago

“I do.” “I want that....” -chills man! Damn this is going to be good!

by Job Acevedo 20 hours ago

Damn, I'm really ok with Shia being in this. Looks tense AF, hopefully it can maintain the pace for the entire movie. Hope it goes all the way dark.

by mpe80k 1 day ago

This is gonna be shias "uncut gems" and I 100% predict him dying at the end of the film

by Pugnausea 1 day ago

Shia in a David Ayers movie? I definitely going to watch this.

by farakhhanif 1 day ago

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