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The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Review & Breakdown

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Opening Sequence Prediction:
- Moff Gideon climbs out of tie fighter and calls in more troops.
- Speeder bikes are deployed to chase down Mando ( trailer shot ).
- Mando takes down speeder bikes, gets to the Razor Crest and takes off.
- Tie Outlanders nearby take off to intercept ( trailer shot ).
- Razor Crest gets into a fire fight with the ties leaving the atmosphere.
- Mando jumps away with a badly damaged ship.
- Razor Crest falls out of hyperspace near Mon Cala ( trailer shot ).
- Razor Crest has a rough atmospheric entry ( trailer shot ) and crash-lands in the water.
- Mando and Baby Yoda barely escape as the Razor Crest sinks.
- They are picked up by a fishing trawler ( trailer shot ).
- They are taken to a nearby floating sea port ( trailer shot ).
- ???

by EvilMonkeyJoe 9 hours ago

This is the only thing keeping star wars universe alive....You can see the difference when gang of nerds is trying to make a star wars movie and when you have a groupe of people asisted with creator of that universe himself making a series. I have spoken !

by birdboy82 9 hours ago

Somebody needs to give Jon Favreau & Dave Filoni a proper back massage.
I mean,these guys are literally carrying the Star Wars franchise with Mando & the final Clone Wars season.

by doubleP 7 hours ago

Shogun Assassin, innnnn space!

by Anton Roby 9 hours ago

Mandalorian is so good it makes you forget there was a recent trilogy that ruined the franchise.

by B v c k r o o m 9 hours ago

Haha just as you said "sand people" my first thought was also, "I wonder if people think that's racist to say now." :D

by Lee Vam 9 hours ago

I love how the spread there wings out when they land.

by James Nelson 9 hours ago

Thought it was absolutely amazing.
My son and I can't wait to watch season 2. He's five and loves Mando. I couldn't agree more with what you said about the empire and rebellion being on the periphery. Although, I would love to see Mando deliver the child to a young Luke Skywalker. Just as a total redemption for the last three movies. The Child represents us true Star Wars fans and it would be symbolically delivering us to what we all hoped for so long. But anyway, the mandalorian has enough lore already to sustain itself without relying on the past. Build a beautiful future and rise above these dark times of KK and JJ.

by Jesse Miller 7 hours ago

The woman playing the possible dark robed Jedi is WWE former ladies champion Sasha Banks! Best of Both Worlds for me, WWE Fan and GOOD Star Wars!

by BMichaelGalloway 8 hours ago

Damn i thought it was an ad pop up on my screen went to click it off

by MasterRazzerr76 9 hours ago

When Mando steps on the snow next to the child the snow looks and acts like a blanket or material. BAD SNOW JOB.

by Lazerrus 27 minutes ago

Lady in hood def sasha banks. Cant wait for your reviews of it

by Finbar White 9 hours ago

This series is a breath of fresh air to the Star Wars universe.

by Damian Starks 10 hours ago

Hooded figure ment to be Sabine

by Tomb Stone 9 hours ago

There is some beautiful shot here. I am extremely excited about season 2

by Jaco Tromp 9 hours ago

You should put "reaction" in the title for more views. It's not even clickbait lol.

by A Frustrated Gamer 8 hours ago

"it's good to see sand-people back... Probably racist now" 🤣🤣

by Asha Smith 2 hours ago

That lady in the hood is some wrestler, she's speculated to be Sabine Wren.

by Mike, from Texas 6 hours ago

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