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Florida Scientist Says She Was Ousted After Refusing To Manipulate State’s COVID-19 Data | MSNBC

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Rebekah Jones says she was forced to leave her job overseeing Florida’s public coronavirus data portal after refusing to remove or change information that didn’t support the state’s reopening goals. And Florida isn’t the only state accused of altering or withholding data, or even withholding testing itself, in a bid to make it’s numbers look better. Aired on 5/19/2020.
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Florida Scientist Says She Was Ousted After Refusing To Manipulate State’s COVID-19 Data | MSNBC

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MSNBC photo 1 Florida Scientist Says She Was... MSNBC photo 2 Florida Scientist Says She Was... MSNBC photo 3 Florida Scientist Says She Was... MSNBC photo 4 Florida Scientist Says She Was...

I'm almost 80 , I was in the work force for 55+ years. EVERY job I ever had, I would have been fired for falsified records., NOW you get fired for NOT falsifying records?????. We need to get rid of the trash.

by Barbara Carpenter 2 weeks ago

Is anyone really surprised that there is data manipulation going on?

by Jeff Collins 2 weeks ago

Honestly at this time there’s literally nothing and no one we can trust

by Christian V 2 weeks ago

100,000 deaths in America, and the republican answer is a Hunter Biden investigation. You can't make this stuff up.

by Chris P. Bacon 2 weeks ago

Hide the facts, silence wittnesses, deny the truth, openly lie without reprecussions, America sounds more like a dictatorship.

by aries1970 2 weeks ago

What was that they were saying about China again? Lol

by YodaGrammar l 2 weeks ago

Profits over people! Now that's what I call "Pro-life" "family values"! ~ Jesus

by HAZ MAT 2 weeks ago

And I thought America said only China lies and cheats, oh the hypocrisy and irony here...!

by Avelier Plays 2 weeks ago

They are covering up data more ruthlessly than the Chinese Communist Party.

by bhawani301 2 weeks ago

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it."
-----George Orwell

by D best 2 weeks ago

Welcome to America land of lies.. I mean. Free

by Endless 2 weeks ago

Nursing homes been covering up for longer than you think.

by Perry Woodman 2 weeks ago

This is the 2nd worker I have heard of quitting THE DASHBOARD after being asked to do the same.

by Rock around The clock 2 weeks ago

Whelp can't talk about China hiding numbers anymore

by Ms. Tray 2 weeks ago

they're copying the CCP

by BzRazor 2 weeks ago

It's Florida remember when Bush won election? They love too manipulate data.

by Thomas Rogers 2 weeks ago

10 thousand nursing home deaths in NY&NJ. How do you argue with statistics?

by Nancy King 2 weeks ago

Is American anti intelligence? Why believe an orange 🍊 brain instead of scientists?

by house karyl 2 weeks ago

And they criticized China for hiding their data!! They hide it to show everything and everyone are safe. So crooked it!

by KAL 2 weeks ago

Listen to the Dan Bongino show. He tells “THE” story not “A” story... he also has facts...

by Kekoa Ali'i Warrior Chief 2 weeks ago

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