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Speaker Pelosi: We ‘Cannot Ignore’ Food Insecurity Caused By COVID-19 | The Last Word | MSNBC

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss a new $3 trillion relief bill that would address urgent problems caused by coronavirus, including food insecurity, voting by mail and postal service funding. Aired on 5/20/2020.
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Speaker Pelosi: We ‘Cannot Ignore’ Food Insecurity Caused By COVID-19 | The Last Word | MSNBC

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MSNBC photo 1 Speaker Pelosi: We ‘Cannot Ignore’... MSNBC photo 2 Speaker Pelosi: We ‘Cannot Ignore’... MSNBC photo 3 Speaker Pelosi: We ‘Cannot Ignore’... MSNBC photo 4 Speaker Pelosi: We ‘Cannot Ignore’...

what an ugly entity this is

by arulaful 2 weeks ago

She’s gross. Can’t wait for her to disappear when it gets warmer out.

by David Arbs 2 weeks ago

You know...people who want to stay home can stay home, and people who want to work can work...

by That one dude 2 weeks ago

start talking about transparency, term limits, affordable healthcare, protection for inspector generals , ..you know stuff you promised , but havent delivered on .

by M M 2 weeks ago

The queen of "pork" speaks. Well almost.

by Shemp Howard 2 weeks ago

So why are farmers being forced to plow up crops and dairy farmers are disposing of perfectly good milk?

by Contented Spirit 2 weeks ago

It's sad times for America to be governed by such crap.

by JudgeFredd 2 weeks ago

i think the circus lost part of their crew

by james corvett 2 weeks ago

Staring at Nancy’s turkey neck sure removed my need for food

by Erik Knutson 2 weeks ago

public opinion is DEFINITELY going to be weighing in


by Erik Peterson 2 weeks ago

Kids starving all over the earth and these people have trillions to throw around ...

by Huncho’s Thoughts 2 weeks ago

Tell me what station and i can predict their narrative.

by Anthony Anza 2 weeks ago

Someday this will be in a “Joseph Goebbels” propaganda award winner.

by Thomas Berlinghoff 2 weeks ago

Don’t get mad 😡 Nancy, have some ice cream, and share it with msnbc, they are so bitter.

by Jose R 2 weeks ago

Has one politician died from this virus?

by girlygamer 2 weeks ago

Shiny she is hmmmmm

by Edmund A 2 weeks ago

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