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Trump Cannot Say What He Would Do With A Second Term | The Last Word | MSNBC

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In a recent interview, Donald Trump was asked about his top priorities for a second term and he could not list a single goal when answering the question. Republican strategist Stuart Stevens said the response shows Donald Trump has “no coherent governing philosophy” and The Daily Beast’s Jonathan Alter said it further proves Donald Trump is running an “anti-campaign.” Aired on 06/26/2020.
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Trump Cannot Say What He Would Do With A Second Term | The Last Word | MSNBC

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He didn’t have priorities for his first term either. All he did was roll back all the progress Obama fixed after the Bush fiasco.

by Javier Aviles 1 week ago

Trump’s agenda is like a broken Sharpie: pointless, and messy.

by stockholm17 1 week ago

"I plan to eliminate the coronavirus by eliminating coronavirus testing." - MAGA 2020

by Tim Erwin 1 week ago

Eat and tweet and cheat.

by Mark Edly 1 week ago

Trump likes to be called "President" but doesn't like to actually do the job.

by ra001g 1 week ago

He could try, "I'm going to build another 3 miles of big, beautiful wall but you'll have to pay for it." 😂

by Maxmartin 1 week ago

His plan: More TV, more golf, more insults, more lies, obey Putin

by Old Uncle Bob 1 week ago

all he ever wanted to do was to undo everything Obama ever did.

by the sodium lights 1 week ago

His plan is to golf, stuff his face with burger king, fly around to empty stadiums and scam as much money he can.

by judgegixxer 1 week ago

Trump is evil enough to think that letting Americans die will help his chance at getting re-elected.

by tonykeo83 1 week ago

He is clueless. Always has been. Never had any policy agenda. Could not articulate one if he had one. He is not a leader.

by lexas 1 week ago

I’m a republican and I’m voting blue this year and so is my republican leaning family

by Mujtaba Ahadi 1 week ago

He would become a full on dictator & turn this country into a dystopian banana republic. It's not hard.

Please Vote!

by 3LD 1 week ago

Don’t let this clown win the elections

by Vin Mar 1 week ago

trump can’t tell you what he did the first term

by gobigorange 1 week ago

He needs to ask Putin, but not to worry he's not going to win! VOTE BIDEN, VOTE BLUE!!!

by Uniquely Lily 1 week ago

The true walk of shame will be when the United States Marshall removes him in handcuffs with reporters present.

by Rich Rue 1 week ago

Trump “uhhhhh a beautiful wall again, bigger and higher? Also, trade with China? And ummmmm, destroy Obamacare? Then uhhhhhh lower taxes for my friends.”

by Jane Doe 1 week ago

His agenda is postponing his criminal and civil prosecution. That’s the only reason he wants to win, to buy time

by Emre Veliu 1 week ago

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